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Learn How to Open Your Heart and Find Equanimity

Even with the most Difficult People

People say, "What should I do with my life?" The more interesting question is, "How do I cultivate the quietness of my being, where what I should do with my life becomes apparent?"

- Ram Dass

You know the place!

That moment in your day when you suddenly realize you’re in the flow of life - operating from a sense of ease, connection, and life-affirming presence and everything seems to have a soft, warm glow. You feel nourishment, joy and gratitude. Then, as all moments do, it passes, and you return back to an often painful cycle of fear, grasping, and polarization.

Deep down, you know there must be another way to exist in your daily life.

We know that Ram Dass lived from a place of heartfulness more often than not. And we also know that most of the time living this way is easier said than done – but it’s totally possible for every single one of us.

You see, this heart-space that Ram Dass existed in was not an accident, it was the result of five decades of courage and dedication to two seemingly paradoxical practices - to love everyone and to tell the truth.

But what does heartfulness mean? It suggests using your everyday life as a practice space for loving awareness. It's tending to your own sense of wonder, awe, and appreciation while holding compassion for others. It’s cultivating generosity of spirit, giving others and your own heart your full attention, being truthful in your relationships even when it’s hard, and radiating sympathetic joy for those around you - regardless of whether or not you’ll reap the benefits of their accomplishments.

In this four-week course, Ram Dass' Yoga of Heartfulness, you will learn how to integrate wisdom from Bhakti, secular, and inter-spiritual traditions into your daily life as an antidote to division, polarity, and tension.

You will follow in Ram Dass' footsteps by learning how to revive your heart and, in the process, help to germinate goodness in the hearts of others. Not in a "phony holy” or “spiritual bypassing” way, but by authentically embracing your humanity while simultaneously tapping into the abiding space of loving awareness that is your true nature.


In this 4-week course, you will...

- Learn accessible, approachable practices and methods that will help you integrate spirituality into your every day life - creating more ease.
- Begin to heal the patterns that keep you stuck in suffering
- Show compassion to yourself and others in the face of adversity
- Invite more flow, ease, lightness, and peace to your life
- Nurture your heart during unsettling times
- Identify spiritual bypass in your own life
- Navigate difficult emotions and people in your life
- Step fully into "loving awareness" with archival Ram Dass teachings


What's included in this course...

10 Hours of Ram Dass & Friends

Contemporary and archival audio and video teachings, practices, and methods from Ram Dass and friends, with downloadable transcripts and closed captions for accessibility and ease of use.

Additional teachings and practices from Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Trudy Goodman, Krishna Das, Ram Dev (Dale Borglum) and Mirabai Bush.

Four Q&A Dharma Session Replays

With some of the most insightful wisdom keepers of today: Mirabai Starr, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Nina Rao and Raghu Markus - hosted by Jacquelyn Dobrinska.

An Easy-To-Use Course Dashboard

On Teachable, you'll access videos, audio, and text transcripts, plus a community and live calls to support you.


Meet your Dharma Teachers

Mirabai Starr Headshot
Mirabai Starr
Nina Rao
Nina Rao
Jai Uttal
Krishna Das
Jacquelyn Dobrinska Headshot
Jacquelyn Dobrinska
Raghu Markus
Raghu Markus

Your weekly course syllabus

Week 1

The Path of the Heart: Embodying What the Heart Knows

We want to open our hearts and live in a loving flow of life, but sometimes we feel dry and walled off. There is no blame in this. Many of us inherited "deficiency" models that keep us in cycles telling us we are never enough.

Yet, behind all that is the truth that you are the essence of love itself. It is not something that can be intellectualized but instead must be nourished, nurtured, and experienced so we can appreciate our divine natures.

This week, we explore the traps of our conditioning so we can move past them and into what Ram Dass called loving awareness.

Archival Talks By: Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, and Sharon Salzberg

Featured Dharma Teacher - Mirabai Starr

Week 2

The Path of Devotion: Nurturing the Merging of Heart and Mind

As we move deeper into our heart, we notice its ability to hold the suffering and blessings in our lives and world - almost like tapping into an inherent energy that moves in and through us. Paradoxically, this intrinsic nature can also be consciously cultivated. Like a seedling needing sunlight, oxygen, rain, and nutrients, the heart flourishes with a steady diet of nourishing practices - often known as Bhakti in the Yoga tradition. With focused attention and care, we support the heart's merging into an infinite well of love.

This week, we explore the quintessential Bhakti methods Ram Dass used to walk his path of Loving awareness, from japa and kirtan to poetry and spiritual texts.

Archival Talks By: Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg, KK Sah, Jai Uttal, Jahnavi Harrison, and Raghu Markus

Featured Dharma Teacher - Jai Uttal

Week 3

The Path of Grace: Opening to Intuitive Love and Trust

The mind has been trained to see everything as subject or object, including ourselves. It leaves us with a sense of separateness that guards the beauty and fullness of the heart, cutting us off not only from the world but also from our own souls and the power of the universe.

How do we learn to trust? How do we finally surrender and open up to grace? Ram Dass' particular method is called Guru Kripa. It is a practice that builds a relationship with a wise, loving, benevolent essence that is mirrored back to us and allows us to finally surrender into the vastness of love.

Archival Talks By: Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Krishna Das, and Trudy Goodman

Featured Dharma Teacher: Krishna Das 

Week 4

The Path of Compassion - Tapping into the Generosity of Spirit

The world's suffering can overwhelm us as we open our hearts. And yet, as our consciousness expands, we begin to recognize there is no separation - no "them," only "us."

How, then, do we begin to act? The wise ones tell us that service is the way. Not out of "do-gooding" or self-righteousness but out of deep loving kindness and knowing that our lives are interrelated.

This week, we explore how compassion leads us to a joyful service that can help us find freedom.

Archival Talks By: Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Mirabai Bush, and Ram Dev

Featured Dharma Teacher - Nina Rao


What you get with this offering...

Heartfulness Course Only


10 hours of Audio & Video Teachings

4 Live Q&A Zoom calls with Dharma Teachers

4 Community Practice calls

Access to the Course Community forum

8 Heart Opening Practices

5 Unique Meditations


Overcoming our Fear of Opening to Love PDF
2 Ram Dass Video Meditations
2 Ram Dass Audio Meditations

Heartfulness Course + Ram Dass Course Library* ($246 value)


11 Courses (and counting!)

Featuring topics like Rediscovering Trust, Yoga of Relationships, Karma: Discovering your True Nature, the Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita, and many more!

90+ hours of Audio and Video Teachings 

Over 120 distinct Meditations, Mantras, Practices, and Prompts

*This yearly subscription includes access to all of our previous Ram Dass courses PLUS the new LIVE Heartfulness course. You will gain full access to all of the courses plus the archival content from two yearly courses.

Need-based scholarship opportunities

The scholarship application for this course is now closed.

Generosity has been the essential ingredient in the spirit of the lineage that Ram Dass represents through his guru, Neem Karoli Baba.

In the spirit of this tradition, Love Serve Remember is committed to offering financial assistance to those who need it and are dedicated to preserving and continuing these teachings. LSRF does not want cost to be an obstacle for participation. If you cannot participate in the Yoga of Heartfulness course due to funds, we strongly encourage you to apply for a scholarship here. This scholarship application is only for the Yoga of Heartfulness course, not the full subscription at this time.

What people love about our courses...

"I would like to thank you for the amazing tools you are providing us to live a much greater life. For me it is an incredible opportunity to listen, watch and read what these great masters can share with people like me who are involved in a transformational live journey. Thank you for teaching me how to listen with my heart and to connect with my real inner self.”

- Nicolette

“I just have to tell you that this course is magnificent and I am so glad I signed up! I have loved Ram Dass since the 70’s and followed his teachings. Going through a lot of changes now as my husband is ill and I quit working. This course is well put together and has helped my husband and me! Thank you with all our hearts for bringing this gift to us!”

- Chris and Linzy

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you and all those who are involved are doing. Including Ram Dass, of course! This is enough information to last a lifetime for me, and may take that long and more! .... Even just one of the bonus links, not to mention the main parts of the course. Many thanks!"

- Marie M.


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