“HeartSourcing is the direct way to all the unconditional love within you. It is the discovery of the soul’s potential to nurture itself and all others around it. Ramgiri is a pure vehicle in the transmission of this essential yoga of the Heart. Pure Love is a gift that can change the world!” – Ram Dass

Ramgiri is a spiritual teacher and the creator of HeartSourcing. HeartSourcing is an integral practice that combines today’s most effective methods for inner peace, emotional harmony and Self-realization, and opening the heart of love.

The book HeartSourcing: Finding Our Way To Love and Liberation is a simple and direct path to unconditional love. You will find within its pages clear instructions to dissolve fear and suffering through practical means: stillness, cultivating self-love and devotion, releasing emotions, and clearing the mind.

Ramgiri’s (born Andreas Braun) spellbinding journey from the aftermath of the Holocaust in Germany to the legendary Indian sage Neem Karoli Baba, Maharajji, to the Concentration camp of Auschwitz and into the depth of the heart is the ultimate adventure, which we all take in our own way. His message is nothing less than the liberation from all fear and pain into Self-realization. HeartSourcing takes us to the Source of that one supreme remedy – to live out of the inexhaustible core of the Heart.

No matter how dark the valley you may find yourself in, HeartSourcing offers a path back up into the light.

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Watch Below: Enjoy this introduction to HeartSourcing Yoga, a path to personal happiness and Self-realization. Learn to use the great healing power of unconditional love to nurture and awaken yourself from the very core of your being.



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