In May of this year my good friend Sridhar invited me to a Hare Krishna Kirtan conclave in North Carolina, saying he knew how much I loved Kirtan. He also knew that I was a little shy of the ISCON movement in general but still I was curious since one of the first introductions to Indian spirituality was through the Sunday morning feasts and chant at the local Hare Krishna temple in my hometown of Montreal, Quebec.

I arrived and sat in a large hall with about 1500 ecstatic people being led in the Hare Krishna Hare Ram chant by a very charismatic chant leader with a big backing band. His name was Madhava Prabhu and I was instantly transported into an altered state of singular absorption through the great mantra (Maha Mantra) as it’s called – through the names of the divine representatives – Krishna and Ram, which truly represent our own true nature. This without any effort or exertion or thinking I had to get somewhere – anywhere at all – just a natural lifting up of my spirit.

So that was the end of my judging mind of this group – “They have it right!” I thought. Just lose the intellectual mind stuff and be taken by the waves of music and the bhava (expression of spiritual passion) and glide through the vicissitudes of the daily Kali Yuga.

Maharaji asked me once what I did for a living. I was a radio station program director at the time, but before I could say anything he said to me in English “Broadcaster”. And that’s all I have done in my life since then – to share whatever it is that I love. So enjoy Madhava Prabhu!

Hare Bol!

Raghu Markus

Executive Director, LSRF


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