Honoring Ram Dass into the future…

Ram Dass
April 6, 1931 – December 22, 2019

It is with a wide array of emotions that we write this letter to you, our loving and supportive community, following Ram Dass’s death on December 22, 2019.

We are bereft of Ram Dass’s physical form, and at the same time his presence is so pervasive it is hard to feel his absence. There is joy in knowing he is free of discomfort from his increasingly compromised body, yet the sharp pang of loss remains, and we miss his loving smile and self-effacing humor.

Now we come together as satsang, spiritual family, to share Ram Dass’s all-encompassing love. It’s a time to comfort each other, and to carry on the example of his life in our lives.

As we sit in grief and love remembering Ram Dass, we’re also considering his wishes. Ram Dass loved the way younger generations of seekers took in his teachings. He was happy his students and friends from across the decades could access his talks through online technology.

In the spirit of his wishes, the Love Serve Remember Foundation plans to continue and expand many of the programs, content and offerings you’ve come to know and love. More specifically, we plan to —

  • continue the bi-annual retreats on Maui and in Ojai with teachings from Ram Dass and friends;
  • expand our Immersion Retreats to other parts of the country;
  • nurture the growing Ram Dass fellowship communities across the country;
  • initiate educational programs and curricula at universities and colleges;
  • continue and expand our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion overall and to expand scholarship programs to include diverse cultural groups in all of our offerings;
  • create a travelling exhibit of Ram Dass’s life work and personal library;
  • expand the Be Here Now podcast network to include teachers and thought leaders from diverse spiritual traditions;
  • in alignment with Ram Dass’ essential work on service, engage with other service organizations to support and expand their impact.

Since Ram Dass’s passing, we’ve received countless requests to gather in community to celebrate his legacy of Loving Awareness, always under the folds of Maharaj-ji’s blanket.

On Wednesday, January 22nd, we will be hosting an online Moment to Be Here Now to honor and love Ram Dass as a community. We will be posting more information about joining this gathering on RamDass.org soon.

Since returning from India in 1968, Ram Dass has shared what he called “the jewel of Maharaji-ji”. LSRF aspires to carry on these teachings of unconditional love and deep wisdom, as Ram Dass did until his last breath two weeks after our December Maui retreat.

We are bound to this love and to whoever comes to share it.

– Raghu Markus, Mirabai Bush, Rameshwar Das Lytton, Gagan Levy, Gopal Singer & the LSRF staff

2 thoughts on “Honoring Ram Dass into the future…”

  1. I have tried to connect with LSR as I a still devoted to Ram. I am told I am blocked from joining – why is this?

    Ram Dass was my friend and mentor for many years and I want to thank Ramashwar Das for writing the book Polishing the Mirror. I want to send you a donation – how is this possible?

    Why have you shut me out?

    I’m 87 now and Maharaji sits in my heart – maybe he’ll help me understand why you are so unkind.

    In love,
    Diane (Steinberg)


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