Steven Newmark


by Steven Newmark

Ok, I admit, I wouldn’t tell everybody that I talk to a picture of my Guru (who is not alive). But I’ll tell you.

If you have a Guru who has left his body, you might know what I’m talking about. Let’s face it, if you missed seeing him or her in person, it can be a hard road to keep that connection going. That’s why I talk to Maharaj-ji’s picture.

From the very beginning of my relationship with Maharajji, back in 1974, I would create an altar with his picture on it. I always liked the pictures where he’s looking right at you. When I would first sit down, I would feel calmed just by looking at him. And then, I would talk to him inside and hear him talk back to me. Usually the first thing I would hear is,“Relax, everything is all right.”

Later I saw this quote in the book “Divine Reality”, written by a devotee of Maharaj-ji.

‘Baba often said, “Whoever comes in front of my photograph is seen by me.” This means that when Baba is looking at you, even from a photo, Baba can see you.
Baba used to say that a prayer made in front of his photo is answered by him.’
Okay, so I’m not completely crazy, at least by Indian standards.
I’ll relate one of many answered prayers I’ve experienced with Maharaj-ji’s picture. My best friend and his wife had suffered for several years from repeated miscarriages and they yearned for a child. She had more than one miscarriage and each passing year made them more anxious and unsure if they would have the blessing of parenthood.

I was with them in their hopes and was sitting in front of Maharaj-ji’s picture one day and I heard him telling me to take them both to a popular health resort, have them sit in front of this same picture I was looking at and ask for a child.

Now, of course, my mind went a little crazy. “They’ll never go,” “even if they go, it’s not going to work,” “this is crazy, they’re Buddhists”, “you’re mashugina.”

However, the couple were game for this crazy idea and we went to the resort for three days. And they did it, they sat in front of the picture and prayed to Maharaj-ji for a child.

Just a few months later, she got pregnant and she gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.

They say Maharaj-ji is a wish-fulfilling tree. My experience is that I don’t always get my wishes fulfilled, that’s for sure, but I always feel that he’s protecting me and if I’m really in trouble, I feel he’s going to rescue me and he does!

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“American Yogi is a film about events that sound like science fiction to the average Westerner… It’s a film about one man’s search for his destiny… and an Indian Saint named Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharaj-Ji… and Richard Alpert, who returned from India as Ram Dass. Most importantly, it’s a film about love – pure, unconditional love… because love is all that matters.”



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