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July 8th:

Live Podcast: Mindrolling with Duncan Trussell, Natasha Leggero and Raghu Markus

Originally streamed on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020






June 10:

‘Social Justice, Compassion in Action, and Becoming Free’ with Mirabai Bush

Originally streamed on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020


Join us for a LIVE virtual event with Mirabai Bush, as she shares more about the recent Love, Serve, Remember allyship letter, and dharma teachings on social justice and awakening.

Event will include meditation and live Q & A.

Mirabai Bush, a longtime friend of Ram Dass, is a Senior Fellow of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society which introduced contemplative practices into education, law, business, environmental leadership, the military, and social justice activism. She is co-author with Ram Dass of Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying and Compassion in Action: Setting Out on the Path of Service, and she is a chairperson of Love Serve Remember Foundation.



April 18-19th:

Ram Dass Virtual Legacy Retreat : Shifting Towards Love in an Uncertain World


The virtual retreat features archival Ram Dass teachings and practical guidance along with ancient mystical traditions, poetry, music, chant and meditation practice to help us transform the chaos of uncertainty into an opportunity to love and serve more fearlessly in this turbulent moment.

As we gather in virtual community during this time of global crisis, we draw from the wellspring of perennial wisdom to restore sanity and balance in our own souls and strengthen ourselves to be a source of goodness in the world.

Featured Teachers: Mirabai Starr, Krishna Das, Rameshwar Das, Raghu Markus, Bruce Damer, Govind Das & Radha, East Forest, and Saraswati Anand



April 29:

Tools for Spiritual Healing During Times of Uncertainty’ with Ram Dev (Dale Borglum), Presented by the Ram Dass Fellowship


Ram Dev (Dale Borglum) founded and directed the Hanuman Foundation Dying Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the first residential facility in the United States to support conscious dying. He has been the Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project in Santa Fe and since 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In this Free Livestream Event, Tools for Spiritual Healing During Times of Uncertainty, Ram Dev leads us through ways to care for ourselves and others during these uncertain times.
In this teaching session he explores: Tolerating uncertainty without becoming anxious, having compassion for our anxiety and our fear when it does arise, caregiving as spiritual practice & avoiding burnout, fear vs. faith, and transmuting grief into compassion.



May 8th:

‘Awareness’ Meditation IG Live Event with Boreta and Raghu Markus


Awareness is a guided meditation from Ram Dass originally recorded in 1994 with ambient accompaniment by Boreta and Superposition. The audio journey that Boreta created in this 17-minute piece has true potential to transform consciousness.

In this IG Live session, Boreta performs the meditation live, followed by a Q&A with Raghu Markus, host of Mindrolling Podcast and director of Love Serve Remember Foundation.






May 13:

Best Of: Compassion & Practice In Action Virtual Retreat


This is a re-play of our community watch party of the ‘Best Of’ Compassion and Practice in Action teachings from our Ram Dass legacy retreats in Ojai, CA.

We’ve mindfully curated a 45-minute video stream of the most powerful teachings distilled from over 8-hours of wisdom, and we are sharing it in a live community broadcast for all to enjoy, free of charge.

Led by an incredible lineup of wisdom luminaries, meditation teachers, and sacred musicians, you’ll begin to find a deeper balance and resonance between your thinking mind and your heart.

Featured Teachers: Dale Borglum, Mirabai Starr, Trevor Hall, Duncan Trussell, Raghu Markus, Nina Rao, Rameshwar Das, Benjy Wertheimer, Saraswati Anand



May 18:

From Suffering to Grace: Live Fellowship Book Reading w/Rameshwar Das


A virtual book reading event with Rameshwar Das, sharing the book he co-authored with Ram Dass Polishing the Mirror: How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart. The session is followed by a Q&A with Ramesh.

Rameshwar Das met Ram Dass in 1967 soon after his return from India and spent time with Maharaji in India from 1970-72. His principal vocation has been as a photographer, primarily freelance including for the New York Times. Over the years Ramesh has collaborated on several projects with Ram Dass including the original collection of manuscripts that became Be Here Now, the Love Serve Remember box set of recordings, and is the co-author of Ram Dass’ newer books, Be Love Now and Polishing the Mirror.