In this Special Offer, Ram Dass explores the many levels of consciousness, love, relationships and transformation. This media collection encompasses Ram Dass’ most enduring and powerful work from 1968 through 2013. It was inspired by his interview with Jennifer McLean in her Healing with the Masters online teleseminar series. Proceeds support Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation’s mission to make Ram Dass’ 50+ years of wisdom available online for all.  



Ram Dass talks about using what you have as a human being to get beyond the concept of “you” and “I” by using Bhakti Yoga methods (or “Path of the Heart”). When you direct love toward your own freedom, you go from “lover” to “beloved” and they become the same thing.
Most relationships are comprised of two people coming toward each other to a certain point. Until both people can deal with the loss of control and power over the other, they can’t truly use their love as a vehicle for awakening. Join Ram Dass on this graceful journey into your understanding and interpretation of relationships to come out the other side with an expanded perspective and heightened awareness. Ram Dass uses the chakras to describe different types of relationships and how each one can hinder or benefit someone on their path to enlightenment.


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Cultivating Loving Awareness explores the path to realizing loving awareness with four insightful teachers: Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg and Mirabai Bush. Join these teachers and let them bring more insight into your experience.
Consciousness and love – the confluence of these qualities represents the highest aspiration for humanity. Ram Dass shows how you can move from the vantage point of ego into the spiritual heart.
The teachers in this film all give practical methods to free yourself from attachment, greed, fear and all of the destructive emotions that separate you from the Source.


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Ram Dass shares the transformation he went through in the late 60’s to become a completely changed human being – he shares his understanding of the human condition and his change of identity from his ego to his soul. Then, through his own example he teaches a path on how we ourselves can realize truth, inner peace and unconditional love – all with great humor, honesty and pathos.
These talks outline Ram Dass’ transformation from Harvard professor and psychedelic pioneer to find the road map of consciousness. These are the original talks by Ram Dass that became the basis for his seminal book, Be Here Now.
Over 40 years later, Be Here Now still stands as the highly readable centerpiece of Western articulation of Eastern philosophy and continues to be the instruction manual of choice for generations of spiritual seekers.
Ram Dass talks about how we can be present and completely absorbed in the moment, free of distractions of the thinking mind. He tells humorous and insightful stories to illustrate concepts such as finding the sacred in the “profane”, grasping and why we do it, duality and oneness, and unconditional love.


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Ram Dass leads you through mindfulness meditation and helps you discover how to become fully aware of the present moment.
Become fully aware of what is presenting itself to your senses in this moment. Learn to be a witness to your thoughts, emotions and feelings.
Just sit with what is, with the mind, feelings and sounds; neither pushing, nor pulling. Let thoughts arise and disappear.
You will find within yourself a vast spacious awareness.


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This PDF includes:
A Be Here Now exercise
An excerpt on Fear & Suffering and how to acknowledge and deal with both in the healthiest way possible
He also brings you a lesson on Doing Your Own Being, exploring levels of consciousness and serving others as a way to free yourself from attachment. By letting go and really embracing this experience as your unique set of processes and events, it shifts the way you see everything.


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Ram Dass answers questions on Anger, Grace, Peace, Patience, Judgement, Chakras, Relationships, Physical health and wellbeing, Releasing the “want”, and Karma.
Get answers to some of the most pressing questions you may never have thought to ask as Ram Dass offers a whole new level of knowledge and compassionate teaching.


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Watch the Interview with Ram Dass & Jennifer McLean Below