After I returned home from my extraordinary time at the Ram Dass retreat at Omega Institute in 2003 where and how I found out that Maharaji was my Guru (see Part 1) I was riding the proverbial emotional roller coaster. So many things were happening that were blowing my logical mind. One of the most memorable happened not long after my return.

I had become totally engrossed in reading Ram Dass’ excellent book about Maharaji, Miracle Of Love. One night I was in the middle of a dream where I was on a train that was taking me to see Maharaji. The train was slowly chugging its way up to the top of a mountain where He was waiting. The higher it climbed and the closer we got to the top, the more my excitement and anticipation grew to be in His presence….when suddenly, from out of nowhere I was rudely awakened by, of all things, someone running their finger across the bottom of my right foot! What the …. I yelped out loud! Horrified, I recoiled said foot that had been dangling outside of the covers. With my eyes wide as saucers I sat up and peered into the darkness of my tiny bedroom to see who was there. As my eyes adjusted, much to my relief and confusion, I saw that I was alone. But if that were the case then who or what touched my foot? Had I just imagined it or dreamt it? No. It definitely happened. Indeed, it was vivid enough to wake me from my dream state. Very bizarre to say the least. My mind raced 90 mph to find a logical explanation. After some time I calmed down enough to try and go back to sleep. As I was starting to doze off it hit me.

In my previous readings about Maharaji I had come across many accounts where His devotees were always trying to get as close as possible to Him to touch and or massage His feet. To westerners this may seem quite odd. But in India, not only is it an ancient tradition that shows Love and respect to a beloved Saint but because Maharaji always went barefoot, feet maintenance was important and practical. So it was considered a high honor for some lucky devotee. Also, it was one of the few ways they could actually give something back to Him because He never wanted or needed anything for himself. With all of this running through my mind the explanation suddenly crystallized.

What I experienced was Maharaji playfully turning the tables. Because I never had the chance to physically be with Him, I guess He was showing me some compassion. So, instead of me going to Him and touching His feet, He came to me…and touched my feet! Besides blowing my logical mind yet again, I believe it was His way of saying, don’t worry, you are not alone. I am with you.
It seems Maharaji loves delicious irony and is still a jokester even after He left His body.

– John Heine