Dada’s nephew was dying of smallpox and apparently the last moment had come, for the body had been moved from the bed to the floor. It was suggested that a drop of water from the Ganga, with which Maharajji’s feet had been washed, be placed in the boy’s throat. When this was done the boy sat up, and by the next day the smallpox was gone.

At that same time, many miles away in the hills where Siddhi Ma was with Maharajji, suddenly Maharajji developed these spots all over his body. Since smallpox was not frequently seen in the hills, the hill people were not familiar with what it looked like. They got lotion and treated it as an allergy. By the next day the spots were gone and Maharajji said, “That was wonderful lotion. What could those spots have been? I must have been allergic to something.” Only much later was it ascertained that the boy’s cure and Maharajji’s “allergy” coincided.


– Excerpt from Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba compiled by Ram Dass




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