From December 4-9th we congregated on the beautiful shore of Napili Bay on Maui to share our hearts with Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman and Mirabai Bush for our Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat. We shared delicious meals together, practiced yoga with the fantastic Saraswati Markus (including savasana in the Pacific!) and cultivated prana through Qigong with Joyanna Cotter each morning.

The late morning sessions with Ram Dass and friends were beautiful (watch some selected video clips below) – soaking in his unconditional love and peaceful presence caused a transformation in many of the attendees from the first day they arrived at the retreat. The sunny rejuvenating days gave way to ecstatic evenings chanting for two hours every night with Krishna Das. The energy of being in a pavilion with 300 others who are experiencing the sheer bliss of devotion was intoxicating.

Many people come to this gathering for different reasons: some have suffered loss and come to ease the healing process, some come simply to escape the insanity of juggling their daily lives, to reset their priorities and rediscover what is most important in order to cultivate peace, compassion and happiness for themselves and others around them. One thing is common amongst everyone: we all journeyed back to the mainland with an awareness of our shared hearts.

So I’d like to thank everyone, on behalf of everyone from the Love Serve Remember Foundation, for making the entire retreat experience completely blissful for everyone. Take that love you’ve cultivated and spread it around!

In Peace,

Videos from the Retreat (click the links to view)
Ram Dass & Jack Kornfield: The Presence of Eternity
Ram Dass: Grace is True 
Jack Kornfield: The Artists Task 
Jack Kornfield: Original Beauty & Innocence 
Ram Dass: At Home in the Heart
Ram Dass: Freedom from Separateness 
Jack Kornfield: The Heart of Presence


Photos from the Retreat

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.



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