Recorded on 4/18/1970 – Dublin, NH – Cumbres Growth Center

Part 5: Ram Dass encourages us to minimize external stimulation to reach one-pointedness. When practiced long enough, mantras become autonomous. An openness and acceptance begins to permeate our very being. They are the background against which enlightened beings do everything else in life.

Part 6: Ram Dass explains that the root of all suffering lies in attachment. When we cut out external stimulation and begin to sever the ties in our mind, we quickly see how truly distracted we are. Our circumstances become less severe, and we learn to play life’s hand in the most harmonious way possible.

Part 7: Love and consciousness are an identity. In this recording, Ram Dass stresses that love is a state of existence, and living in love will open the true meaning of our surroundings. This state of existence will also introduce new levels of meaning to holy books and yogic practices that will bring a being closer to their optimum place in the universe.

Part 8: Our methods and practices move us closer toward rebirth and enlightenment. Ram Dass stresses that a yogi has to become vulnerable to find patience and joy on the road to higher consciousness. They must let go of the external noise to return to a childlike state. “The desire to rush enlightenment is a desire you have to give up”. When a being reaches enlightenment, all of the social forms and mind trips it has used in the past become archaic. Though it may seem frightening, enlightened beings often have much less to communicate about, as the material world has fallen away. Enlightened yogis realize that other beings are not defined by their differences, but rather by their similarities in the divine mother.