Recorded on 4/18/1970 – Dublin, NH – Cumbres Growth Center

Part 1: Ram Dass discusses the Western illusion of thinking that we always need to “do” something. When we learn to use that same energy to work on ourselves then we automatically change our surrounding environment. Through the method of Upaya, we use our senses to go beyond our senses. The illusion is transcended by the illusion itself.

Part 2: Ram Dass explains that Western cultures’ obsession with “doing” results from an excess of energy not properly expressed. We rarely operate above the third chakra, and often jump from level to level unknowingly. It is the yogi’s task to remain in an evolutionary process of moving up the Chakras at all times. When harnessed and properly exercised this energy becomes abundant in its purity.

Part 3: When a being strives for consciousness, the tendency is to try and change, but it is not that simple. When one brings consciousness to life, one’s environment will change to incorporate harmony, without any action or effort.

Part 4: Breathing techniques and mantra are ways of calming the mind and becoming centered. They encourage the opening of the third eye and allow us to witness our own drama. Ram Dass explains that these tools help yogis to recognize the divine mother in every form.