To the God
that wears many masks,
I raise my hands in prayer
above my head
as if to ever so lightly touch Heaven,
and say softly,

To Kali
who just decapitated me again
I say thank you,
the smoke I had afterwards
was one of my best ever.
it’s amazing how, paradoxically,
having the Goddess cut your head off
is like better than the best sex you’ve ever had

To Neem Karoli Baba
who is ALWAYS watching me
(and that is scary!)
I hope you’re a little less pissed of at me
than you were a few years ago.
But somehow I sense, deep down
you’ve pretty much always loved the shit out of me

To Padmasahbava
How can anyone thank you enough
for your endless tireless efforts both in the scene world
and the unseen worlds

To the White Tara
Mother of Compassion
Please let me drink of your healing milk
and please place your loving arms around me
from time to time
to help me heal the trauma that has bound me
and darkened my heart
and distorted my vision

To the capitol ‘R’ Reality,
and to my original face
to the me that was always perfect
and always will be
never born, never died
raving in eternity
I say,
that hurt like a motherfucker!
That’s what I call the ‘slap in the face
of a lifetime’
but I needed it
and now I’m back on track
back on my path.

Written by Scott William Kendall