still small voice


In this dharma talk from 1975, Ram Dass speaks of the still small voice within that serves as a constant reminder of our true nature and relationship with God.

Embers of the Living Spirit and The Still Small Voice Within

Ram Dass reflects on the fire of the Living Spirit that exists inside each of us. A flame that becomes suppressed to just an ember by our time in the world. Ram Dass examines how that ember acts as a still small voice within that reminds us of our true nature and our relationship with God.

“Though we have lived our life totally involved in the world, we know that we are of the spirit. As you go towards God, you learn about yourself. When you return from God, you learn about the world. But when you are in the world you know not of the world. You cannot see the forest for the trees.” – Ram Dass

Fuel for the Flame (22:20)

Once we the still small voice begins to grow within, it quickly becomes clear that the life that we have designed for ourselves, built upon our attachments and desires, is what keeps the flame of the Living Spirit from growing. Ram Dass looks to the possibility of experiencing the world fully, but without attachment.

“At first, that still small voice – that tiny ember – is overshadowed by the incredible pressures, desires, attachments and possessions of the world.” – Ram Dass

Evergreen Teachings (30:50)

Ram Dass speaks about the guidance that is available to us through the teachers, guides and Gurus who make themselves known to us. He explores the infinite ways in which these teachers manifest to us and the role that faith plays in our relationship with them.