In this dharma talk from 1981, Ram Dass looks at how we can let go of our fears about change and dying by understanding our true nature.

This episode of the Here and Now Podcast is the first since Ram Dass recently left his body on December 22, 2019. It features a special message from Raghu Markus, long-time presenter of the show and dear friend to Ram Dass.

Dying Into What Is

Ram Dass reflects on how the ego’s attachment to identity holds us back from realizing our true selves. What can we do to truly let go of our attachments and surrender to what is?

“From the other side of the curtain, you realize that you are never so much yourself as when you have surrendered into the totality of what reality is.” – Ram Dass

No Death, No Fear (26:30)

Why is it so difficult for us to accept change? Ram Dass looks at how all things, including life and death, are part of the unending procession of change. Exploring how the acceptance of change can free us of the shackles of fear.

“What is does not change, but everything changes.”

The True You (34:22)

When we talk about our true selves, what part of ourselves are we really speaking about? Ram Dass reflects on the nature of our true identity that rests outside of time, space and physical form.

“Every role, every label you have, is just another sombodiness.” – Ram Dass