Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 218 – The Qualities of Awareness

In this recording from 1985, Ram Dass leads a meditation on the qualities of awareness, answers questions from the audience, and leads a rousing round of Jubilate Deo.

“May each of us become such clear and pure instruments of light, of love, of presence, of clarity, of equanimity, that the light of spirit pours through our every cell and everybody we meet is touched by living spirit, no matter how we meet them, in whatever role in life. Then, where we are, everywhere we look we will see flowers blooming. It’s what the sun sees when it looks down from above. What grace. What incredible grace.” – Ram Dass

In this episode of Here and Now:

  • Ram Dass begins with a guided meditation focusing on the qualities of awareness, which include spaciousness, equanimity, and love.
  • Ram Dass answers questions from the audience on a variety of topics, including reconciling suffering and grace, the crossroads of spirituality and politics, the process of learning to love yourself, assisted suicide, homophobia, and encountering sadness during meditation.
  • Ram Dass ends by leading the audience in singing “Jubilate Deo” in a six-part round.

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