Remembering Wayne Dyer


Wayne and Ram Dass

I met Wayne Dyer soon after Ram Dass was released from the hospital in Maui, when he decided that he was going to remain in Maui to allow the island to renew his healing. But there was the question of how Ram Dass would be able to be sustained when in that moment, after having given away most of his royalties for his books and no longer being able to travel, he had no assets to support himself.

When Wayne heard about Ram Dass’ release from the hospital he asked to pay a visit. I remember clearly how Wayne expressed his gratitude for Ram Dass’ mentorship in the early part of his life as he was transforming into the spiritual teacher he became to so many people.

As I walked him out of the house Wayne asked me, “How can I help Ram Dass?” – I said that we, his long time friends, wanted to find a way for Ram Dass to remain on Maui in a home where he could have a support system to work on his healing and continue to teach. Wayne said he wanted to think about it and he would call me the next morning.

That next morning he called and said that he had woken up in the middle of the night and a letter poured out of him asking for his very large community to contribute to a fund that would allow Ram Dass to stay on Maui – that “no one is more deserving of our love and financial support. In the end these donations will help ensure that Ram Dass and his work will reach another generation or remind a current generation that it is in giving that we receive.”

Ten years later, Ram Dass’ teachings are being discovered by a large new millennial generation and his decades of talks are being preserved for future generations.

Wayne Dyer was absolutely instrumental in making this happen and was a true friend to Ram Dass for all of their years on Maui together.

“Thanks” is too little a word for someone with such a big heart – we will always remember his love and kindness.

May he travel now in peace and joy.

Raghu Markus

Executive Director

Love Serve Remember Foundation

September 1, 2015