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August 2012

The True Meaning of Surrender from the Bhakti Yoga Tradition

by KK Sah

In the West the word “surrender” means the act of yielding to the power of another or the acknowledgement of defeat. This does not, in any way, reflect the true meaning of the process of surrender in the Hindu spiritual tradition. As far as my own knowledge, I have not found an equivalent English word for the process which, in Hindi, is called sharanagati – the process of surrender.

At times when someone who is afraid takes the shelter of any person or place, he is fully dependent upon that shelter, and he does not even think of any other help for his liberation. In this state of shelter, he surrenders all of his body, mind and other sense organs to the situation. Like in the situation of a drowning person, he surrenders himself to the person coming for his rescue. In the situation of a person terrified of the scorching heat from the sun during peak hours of the summer noon, if he finds a tree for shelter then he cannot ignore it at any cost. The mental state of that drowning person, or the peace felt at the moment the overheated person finds relief cannot be expressed in words. But, even these worldly examples are not complete in the real understanding of a sharanagat.

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Featured Teacher: Mirabai Bush Teaches to Work with Mindfulness

Mirabai Bush’s new CD “Working with Mindfulness” incorporates trainings for the workplace with traditional Buddhist practices – to help reduce stress, increase productivity, and encourage creative problem solving. Mirabai is a key contributor to Google’s Search Inside Yourself curriculum, a mindfulness meditation teacher, and organizational management expert.

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Ram Dass Here and Now Podcast: Little Shmoos & Samadhi

We’re delighted to be on our 17th episode of the Here & Now podcast, and we’ve been getting some great feedback:

“Super discourse by Ram Dass, seems so appropriate here in 2012, as if the message he is bringing has no relationship to time or cultures.” – Herb Tirtha

“These questions were all great. Answered some of my own questions I had forgetten about. Thank you!” – Alex

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New Breathing Exercise

Ram Dass shares a new breathing exercise that has helped him regain his normal breathing flow and can help anyone with breathing problems. Click here for more information.

RetreatsSpring Maui Sacred Pilgrimage Retreat

May 1-6, 2013

Join us on this sacred journey with Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax, Shantala, Lei’ohu Ryder and Kate Rabinowitz.

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