The answer to dying is to be present in the moment. And the way in which you die is by being conscious at the moment of dying and saying, ‘Right! Look at this! Far out! Look at this energy!’

Be fully conscious now. People say to me ‘Is this the Aquarian Age do you think? Do you think the Apocalypse is about to occur? Are we in the dark as part of the Kali Yuga? What do you think?’ And I say ‘I have no idea!’ ‘Are the dark forces going to win? Is somebody going to push the button? Have you noticed that as you go around the world the tremendous resurgence of the living spirit?’ All I say is that as I get higher I notice highness every where I look, but that’s just my projective system I don’t know what’s going on out there. But the further point it that I don’t care, that’s my predicament. I’m not waiting for the Messiah, I don’t care whether there’s an avatar or if there isn’t an avatar.

I don’t care whether the world’s going to end tomorrow or it’s going to go on forever. What difference does it make to me? I’m still going to do the same thing I do every day which is to love, serve, remember, love, serve, remember, love, serve, remember…

If you tell me we’re all going to be bombed to hell in one minute what am I going to do? Go to the bathroom? Or take a quick joint? Or what? So I can go out high? Is that my trip? Whatever you need to do to get ready to die in a minute you should have done a minute ago or you’ll do it now and get ready and every minute is the minute, every minute you die again. A conscious being is holding on nowhere so they are the living dead. That’s the beautiful horror, the horrible beauty of realization is from then on you are the living dead. And we are sitting here sharing the experience of our own death.


– Ram Dass


Photo by via Flickr. Used under the creative commons license.