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A lecturer from Allahabad University asked Baba, “How can I have God’s darshan?” Baba immediately replied, “Go to a forest in search of God on a dark night without a light or weapon. You will meet God.” The lecturer was puzzled and said, “I will not be able to undertake this difficult task. Tell me a simpler method.” Baba said, “Man is very selfish. Do not see anyone’s face. Live in total solitude and you will have his darshan.” The lecturer said, “I have to live in society. How can I isolate myself? So tell me a method easier than this.” Baba said, “Well, while living among people, do not speak to anyone. Observe silence.” The lecturer explained his position saying, “Teaching is my profession, so I cannot observe silence.” Baba then suggested to him that he could speak while teaching and observe silence at all other times. At this he said, “It is not possible, as I have to seek guidance from my seniors at the university.” At last, telling him about the simplest method, Baba said, “Speak to everyone, but do not greet anyone, and if someone greets you, go on your way without looking at him.” The lecturer, explaining his difficulty again said, “It would be bad manners and people would form a bad opinion of me.” At this Baba said, “You concern yourself with the opinion of others and forget about your desire to have God’s darshan.”


Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”



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