by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.



All beings yearn for the great comfort and bliss of love. Why? Because it is our most essential state of being. All the pure states that emerge from love: kindness, compassion, nurturing, joy, generosity, abundance, comfort and so on, feel good because they represent our true nature. But because we have lost touch with our real being, fear and unhappiness cover up our true nature of love. This is the state of most people today.

Fear and unhappiness manifest as depression, anxiety, loneliness, addictions, and stress. They become chronic worry, greed, mental confusion and the common obsessive sense of self-importance. They fuel conflicts within families, at work, and between cultures and nations. They are at the root of poverty, inequality, prejudice and violence, of wars, environmental degradation, the refugee crisis, and the threat of nuclear holocaust. The amount of suffering worldwide is unimaginable.

We all carry in us a part of this great suffering. This is not necessary! We may not be able to change the world, but we can change us – and that will change the world.

All fear, antagonism and aggression arise in the mind because we are unable to treat ourselves and each other with genuine caring. Since the root problem is in the mind of every human being, it can and must be resolved there. The most direct and powerful remedy to overcome fear and unhappiness is the love that is always naturally at the core of our beings. It can heal the pain and confusion in us and give us the clarity and the will to end the cycles of fear and of struggle.

This all-encompassing love becomes accessible in the awakening of the heart. We have in us the elixir of peace and happiness for which we seek in vain in the outer world. Once we find it here, in the core of our being, and let it heal and transform our lives, our inner harmony and our clear and compassionate understanding will contribute to peace in the world.

This is the revolution of our time! It is our awakening to an inborn harmony, which then communicates itself to others. This concerns not a few individuals here and there, but millions. Our healing and transformation serves humanity and that changes the world!

More than what we think and do, we contribute to the world what we are. Are you conflicted, or at peace in yourself? Does fear emanate from you, or do you live with a clear mind and an open and unafraid heart? Has inner joy conquered your depression and sadness, your greed and terror, anger and grief?

The awakening of your heart will empower you to create your world in your image.

The difference lies in whether we access and use this hidden vast inner joy, awareness, and peace, and the love the whole world hungers for. This is the single, most important factor for human happiness and survival. It is up to us to use the power of love in us to overcome our personal problems. It is the most powerful medicine!

While the problems we face as a species are enormous and of mind-boggling complexity, the solution for each individual is amazingly simple: it is the opening of the inner Source of loving awareness that leads through self-nurturing to deep healing and rapid self-transformation.

If we do this, we will fulfill the enduring yearning for true fulfillment and a humanity capable of living in harmony and solidarity with each other.

For a moment, imagine yourself permanently and completely happy and fulfilled… In this state, how would you treat yourself? How would you treat the people around you? …

And then imagine a substantial part of humanity in such a state of inner contentment, fueled by deep compassion and love. What a world could we then create with each other? It would be a world without the immense human-caused misery we now face. We have the technology to achieve that, but we are lacking the will. This will can only come from the inspiration of the heart.

It begins with you. Will you change yourself? Will you be a point of light in the darkness? This needs to be our singular focus; then, together, we will light up the world.

This is what HeartSourcing is all about. It is a rapid way of self-transformation, through the discovery and the practical, daily use of the infinite Source of love inside you. Let it begin with you, with shifting into a more open, enlightened and clear state, and let it begin today! This is what we are here to accomplish together.


With love,



Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.

Annapurna Institute, Inc. – HeartSourcing™







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