The Three Planes of Existence

One system through which you can look at it all, is that there are a set of vibrations or frequencies, you can call them the physical plane, the astral plane, the causal plane, and that which is beyond the beyond.

That’s a good image, “beyond the beyond.” In Tibetan, there is a mantra, which is “Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha,” which means, “To that which is beyond the ocean of existence, I give homage; to that which is beyond the beyond.” That’s the place beyond those three levels.

Now what are those three levels? Look at it this way: Imagine a light bulb, and the light bulb has three layers of glass. There is the inner layer of glass, the middle layer of glass, and an outer layer of glass. Inside the light bulb is the same thing that’s outside the light bulb, pure consciousness, pure energy, and even these layers of glass are made up of merely “patternings” of this entire package called this “light bulb.”

Now imagine dipping this light bulb into a series of births – chemical baths, and the quality of these chemical baths is that they do two things. Each chemical bath thins the outermost layer of glass, and simultaneously, it leaves on the outermost layer of glass, which determines when the bulb comes out of the bath, and what next bath it will be pulled into. It codes the bulb for what its next bath will be. It goes from bath to bath to bath to bath, until it comes to a bath where the outer layer has gotten so thin that this particular bath breaks through, and the glass goes “poof!”

Now there are only two layers of glass left.

The subjective experience of that poof is, “Oh, so that’s the way it all is…” It’s the moment of waking up out of the illusion. That’s the place where, like Ramana Maharshi said, “You are finished with physical birth,” because the outer layer is the set of pre-dispositions which pull you each time into a physical birth, and keep you going through physical birth, after physical birth. Then this “poof!” occurs, and then you only have two layers of glass, leaving the physical. So then you start birth after birth, after birth on the astral plane, without a physical body, until “poof!” that goes.

Then you have one layer of glass.

So then birth after birth, and now you’re on the causal plane, the world like Plato’s world of pure ideas. It’s the highest place you can get on in the world of form or energy. It’s the basic laws of the universe, from which all the rest is manifestation, the world of pure idea. You’ve got one layer of glass then, and finally, you go through that enough until “poof!” that’s gone and the inner and outer are one again.

The bath is your entire heredity, your entire environment, it is everything that is happening to you, that has happened, and that will happen to you in this lifetime, and it is all done. You must understand that there are no accidents whatsoever in the universe.


-Ram Dass

7 thoughts on “The Three Planes of Existence”

  1. Woooow!!! This is similar to the the stages of a human. From infant, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult , old adult, and then “Death. I had to read this 3 times to grasp it. But it is good metaphor, for the levels of existence. I heard about the 3 planes of existence before. What about the Mental, Subtle, and Spirit body? Do they fit into this as well?

  2. what I want to know is—– what is there to gain from this state??, this is not explained, what is it that I have at hands or mind to gain? because it was said at the end of the reading, that there are no accidents whatsoever in the universe!
    that means- It is what it is!

    • I think this question is one of the most important questions there is for anyone asking it. Im on here looking for anyone that understands or is in this same spot. I just arrived to this understanding two (days) ago, and days is in parenthesis because its simply something else’s measure of time. The only thing you can gain is what you want to. And the moment you finally see that, it happens in an instant.

      What am I chasing?
      Why am I chasing that?
      What is that really….TO ME?

      As long as someone or something has created what you are looking for, then, there is no end to that. Because its created by someone else.
      By measure of everyone else, I was a (High school) (Dropout) that (Made it) to (the top) and (successful) with a (title) (worthy) enough to others that they chose to listen to my perceived explanation of how to get where they were going. How I would say that two days ago when I was “connecting” with people to “show them how”
      All of us came up with these limits being thrown at us and we just accepted them. Its shaped every damn t hiung we say, do, and strive for. And its all 100% bullshit. How in the entire fuck could someone else know what I NEED to do, to go do what I wanna do? I thought I wanted to be ar the top. I got there and looked at the CEO next to me, that didnt have a clue in the world about anaything that wasnt on a grapgh that he couldnt regurgitate. Thats it? THATS what Ive been chasing? Shit I had more common sense when was 8, or 10, or 13…. And then BAM it hit me. THERES the reason around the teenage years, they rebel. They’re done buying all the bullshit they’ve been told to believe! And they naturally know theres something else out there because what they’re feeling in the moment for them CANNOT be the only reason they were born, or exist. But to hit these “positions” or perceptions of success” can never be attained because its their parents vision, or a counselors direction, or society saying you need this piece of paper after spending the money (whats of value at the time) to do what interests you and even more money and time to do what you would already be phenomenal at and enjoy just to be a “Master” at it. There for its struggle struggle struggle being shown generations and generations and generations of a world that someone else is controlling. Laws, borders, limits, higher levels, until they accept it. My guess is that most people will never break out of it.

      I brought up how I talked because before because what I see is those that are at least where I am, they get it so well, that their communication, or ability to connect is lost or becomes too confusing almost immediately. How the hell WOULD that make sense to anyone that isnt where you’re at. But literally, in this moment, I just realized they cant. I chose to answer your question because I though it was important in the moment TO ME. Thats because I want to show other people the way. There’s only YOUR way. It will continue, and continue. Slow everything down. Enjoy every moment. That moment is what YOU ARE seeking.

      What am I chasing?
      Why am I chasing that?
      What is that really….TO ME?

    • And actually, “It is what it is” would be a very, very good way for me to understand it, if I didn’t shun it because I thought about it wrong. That is so funny to me.

  3. Im a 15 year old african american male i just got in to this spiritual stuff and i wanted to know more about better understanding howto take this information in and use it i have had an astral projection before but was like standing over myself while was sleeping but i felt like i was treading water in the ocean that wasnt there help me better understand beyond the beyond thank you

    • Marcus, that is so extremely beautiful❣️❣️❣️ Thank you for sharing that experience!!

      I just now came across this forum for the very 1st time. I have not done any research nor am familiar with this website etc. And the above has been all I have read so far.

      That being said, my advice to you would be to really break down what everything in that experience means to you by relating it to your personal life in every way you possible can🥰❣️ As long as you choose to be 100+% honest with yourself, discoveries made, and “Ah-Ha” Moments of new realizations, will always be enlightening, positive, helpful, refreshing-never “wrong” or “incorrect”. Please know that I am not assuming you would worry about that. I just included that to be thorough😊.

      Personally, for me, I find the most healthy, beautiful, authentic freedom when I remain open & honest with myself about everything, and when I don’t question what my own heart, mind and spirit know to be true❣️

      I like thinking of it as a “fun self-adventure that leads to the heart of the matter”.

      Warmest Regards & God Bless,


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