A new film featuring Ram Dass & Sharon Salzberg

“Compassion is not acting as if we need to help another person, it’s like one hand pulling the other out of the fire. It’s all part of the same body.” – Ram Dass

There’s no doubt that we all face adversity. These days it can be even more obvious in our very difficult and fast-paced world. In our new film, Compassion, Truth and Adversity, Ram Dass and Sharon Salzberg pinpoint the ways in which we can transform our adversity, by being honest with ourselves, and compassionate and truthful with others.

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photo (6) (1)“Compassion is cultivated by moving from a strong sense of self and other, or ‘us and them’ to a sense of ‘we’” – Sharon Salzberg

“One of the things that I think makes it hard in this society for us to tell the truth is the kind of conventional relationship to adversity. Things aren’t always easy and rather than being taught to have kindness to ourselves and others in the light of that we’re taught something very different; that it’s wrong and rejected – that’s a lot of conditioning to step away from.” – Sharon Salzberg