In September 1961, I had finished my bath and tea early in the morning and came into my room to study. While taking out the book which I had been reading the night before, I was amazed to see “Ram Ram” written over the whole cover page. I was familiar with Babaji’s handwriting so it was clear to me that it had been done by him, but he had not been here for the last three months. I shouted for Didi and others and they all exclaimed that it was Babaji’s writing. How had it appeared in the book during the night in the closed room? I told them that the night before I had been reading until twelve and there had been nothing on the book. Didi said that even a half-hour before, when she arranged my table and dusted the books, there was nothing on it; it must have come just within this time. While we were all looking at the cover page, she took the book and, opening it, exclaimed, “Look how many more are written within!” There were three more pages, all in bold letters, and the ink on the last page showed that the writing had suddenly stopped, as it was not fully dry….

We were all left guessing and speculating on how and why this could happen. Many devotees gave their own interpretations, but they were not convincing and we remained agitated. I wrote to Tularam, a great devotee who was very close to us and was then with Babaji at Agra. He narrated the whole thing to Babaji as was written in the letter and told him that I was very anxious to know how it all came about. Babaji’s reply, as Tularam wrote, was, “Dada was remembering me, so I had to go.” Tularam added that Babaji’s purpose was to demonstrate that he had heard my call and responded to it. This was good so far as it went, but the mystery remained unsolved — the invisible movement in response to a call which to my knowledge I had not sent.

Many things happened after that, and have continued to hap¬pen all these years. One night I was reading in my room after everybody had gone to sleep. Suddenly the gate was forced open and Babaji began abusing me. “You are such a nasty chap that you trouble me so much. You made me come from a distance of four hundred miles. You were remembering me.” Everyone in the house woke up and came to his room. The next morning he was like a different person and said, “Whenever you remember me, I come.”

This same assurance has been echoed from the beginning of time through the mouths of the saints to their devotees and disciples. It is an echo of what Ram said to Hanuman when they parted, “Hanuman, you will not be separate from me, and whenever you remember me, I shall come to you.” God may be in heaven or in Vaikuntha, but he is never beyond the reach of his people’s call. His grace flows to them in the various forms of divine incarnation. There may be times when he comes in full incarnation, but partial incarnations are always here carrying his message.

Excerpt from By His Grace

by Dada Mukerjee



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