In 1960, while I was living at Thornhill Road in Allahabad, Baba and some of his devotees were going on a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. They left Church Lane for the railway station in rickshaws. The other rickshaws, which were all in front of Baba, turned onto Thornhill Road near the Indian Press, but Baba directed his rickshaw driver to go in the opposite direction without informing anyone. He came to my house just to tell me that I should not scold my children while teaching them. Baba’s heart was very tender, and he could not tolerate children being treated harshly. Baba said to me, “All come with their destiny written.”
He gave me examples of people unknown to me and how they attained their high positions. To clarify, he asked me, “Who is the doer?” I got the point, and this question has guided me throughout my life. My children completed their education by their own efforts.

On Baba’s instruction, my eldest son was initiated in the ashram of Sri Prabhudutt Brahmachari at Jhusi. We held the closing function at our place with the blessings of Baba, who sat in the prayer room with my son’s head resting on his lap. Putting his hand on my son’s head for a long time, Baba sat in bliss. That splendid scene cannot be described in words. Baba initiated my younger son at Kainchi Ashram.


Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida” 



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