You Have To Sacrifice Something

Once a Mother came to Maharaji and said, “Maharaji, you always talk about worldly things – how many children, how much education, which job, how much money. Why don’t you teach us about Brahm (the Formless)?”

Maharaji said, “Okay, I’ll teach you.” The mother went off to do her work at Kainchi, and when it was time for the last bus to Nainital she was making her pranams and was going to the bus. Maharaji asked her, “Now, are you going?”

She said, “Yes, I have to attend to my family, prepare meals and all.” Maharaji said, “Listen, don’t go just now. I’ll teach you about Brahm. You sit here.” She insisted she had to go home and look after her family. He said, “No, no. I’ll teach you about Brahm. You sit here. Don’t go home today.”

“How is it possible? I must go.”

“But first you wanted Brahm, and now you ask how is it possible?”

After she left, he said to me, “Look at her. First she was talking about Brahm and now she is thinking about home. One person cannot do two things at one time. Brahm is not a thing, a toy that you can play with. You have to sacrifice something.”


– From Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba 


A Life Long Penance

One evening in May, Baba was sitting in a chair on the lawn at Church Lane. Some families of the judges of Allahabad’s High Court were sitting around him on the ground. I was sitting alone on the other side of the lawn. Some time passed, and two men came and stood near me. One of them was dressed in a black coat, like a lawyer, and the other was in the traditional Indian dress of dhoti and kurta. Both of them bowed to Baba in salutation, but he did not look at them. Baba continued to sit with his head bent, talking to the devotees near him. The newcomers waited for some time in the hope that Baba would turn his eyes towards them, and eventually they sat down quietly.

The man wearing the black coat seemed to be impatient. He was signaling to the man in the dhoti-kurta to leave. Seeing him so restless, his friend got up to attract Baba’s attention and said, “Maharaj, I have come with a friend of mine. He is in trouble and wants your blessing.” Seeing his friend standing, the man in the black coat also stood up. Baba said to the man wearing the dhoti-kurta, “You are a lawyer.” The man agreed. Then Baba said to the man wearing the black coat, “You are not a lawyer.” He nodded. Everyone stared at Baba in fascination. Baba asked the man directly, “What is your trouble?” Being nervous, the man did not reply. His lawyer friend said on his behalf, “Maharaj, he has been involved in a murder case, and the police are after him.” Baba asked the man in the black coat, “Have you not murdered?” On his short negative reply, Baba said harshly, “Didn’t you have a hand in the murder?” Then he told the truth saying, “Yes, Maharaj.” Though no details of the murder were given, Baba knew all. He said, “The man who you got murdered was very gentle. Why did you do this?” The man humbly replied, “Maharaj, he was a stumbling block in my way.” With grief and anger, Baba burst out saying, “His children are still young. How will they be brought up?” Filled with remorse, the man felt mortified and could not give Baba any reply.

Baba told the man that he must do a lifelong penance by taking full responsibility for the family and ensuring that the wife and children were looked after. Baba told him to take a vow that he would do so. Weeping, the man promised to do what Baba commanded. Baba asked the lawyer, “Whose court is the case to be tried in?” The lawyer gave the name of a Muslim judge. Baba said, “All will be well.”

By acquitting the man from the justice of the law, Maharaj ensured that the family would be looked after. Instead of just a jail sentence, the man did lifelong penance by serving the family. He realized the enormity of his crime and suffered great remorse throughout his life.


– From The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”


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