Impermanence and the Power of Love

A Digital Retreat to Help us Discover the Grounding Force of Love in Times of Transition


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This retreat will help you to re-imagine the meaning of impermanence in your daily life.

It often seems that so much of our lives are spent in resistance - attempting to tread water instead of flowing with the current of change. Our rational minds recognize that this change is inevitable, yet it's so difficult to embody that truth because the reality of impermanence and change can be overwhelming.  

The nature of our impermanent lives means that every challenge, difficulty, joy or success will at some point change. It is the nature of this human life we have been given.  

The one permanent truth is the power of love - it is the foundation for overcoming the fear of change and the fear of facing death. 

So the real question is: How do we embody the truth of impermanence so that we can become more comfortable and less resistant to the changes that inevitably occur in our lives?  

This free online retreat addresses this question and much more! 

Featured retreat guests & teachers include:

Lama Surya Das

Ram Dass

Mirabai Bush

Rameshwar Das Lytton

Duncan Trussell

Trevor Hall

Raghu Markus

Nina Rao

Take part in our opening session below, then scroll down to continue your retreat journey...

In this introduction to the Impermanence & the Power of Love retreat, we meet the teachers who will be guiding us through the retreat, starting with a potent quote from Maharaj-ji: "The body passes away, everything is impermanent except the love of God."  

Each teacher lets us know what we can expect from the retreat and provides a concise introduction to the teachings about impermanence from both a Buddhist & Bhakti Yoga perspective. 

Session 2 - Finding Refuge in this Universe of Change with Lama Surya Das

Session 3 - Each Moment is Eternal with Ram Dass & Mirabai Bush 

Session 4 - Ruminations on the Divine Mother with Trevor Hall, Raghu Markus and Benjy Wertheimer 

Session 5 - Why is Love Important? with Mirabai Bush 

Session 6 - "This too shall pass.." with Ram Dass, Lama Surya Das & Rameshwar Das 

Session 7 - Awakening the Noble Heart with Lama Surya Das

Session 8 - Going Beyond Control Freakism with Lama Surya Das & Mirabai Bush 

Session 9 - Finding Our Way Home with Ram Dass, Duncan Trussell and Raghu Markus 

Session 10 - Honoring the Divine Mother with Mirabai Bush

Session 11 - Buddhist Ruminations, a live podcast with Lama Surya Das, Duncan Trussell and Raghu Markus