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Sacred community, or Satsang, is the place to find fellow truth-seekers on the path. Together we create a heart-filled space that deepens us into the practices and the teachings. We provide a refuge for those hungry for connection, including ourselves. And collectively, we hold a wisdom that helps us remember when we forget. In the Ram Dass Fellowship, we come together and share our authenticity and curiosities of life under the umbrella of Ram Dass's teachings and Maharajji.

The Ram Dass fellowship has several Satsangs. We have a virtual Satsangs for those who want to connect with others around the world and share the teachings, or simply don't have a local group. We have local groups for those who want face-to-face connections within their own community. And we have affinity groups for those who historically have been marginalized, so they can share their unique perspectives together (what Ram Dass called "the diversity within unity")

The Buddha said that of the three gems (teacher, teachings, and community) the community was the most important. We hope you will be a part of the Ram Dass Community.

Watch a 1-minute video of our community's fellowship experience below!


Find Your Local Community

If a fellowship does not exist near you, you may want to consider starting one. Please read the guidelines,  check out the start-up kit, listen to the welcome recording, and then sign up for our quarterly exploratory meeting.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Local Satsang Calendar of Events


Fellowship Opportunities & Affinity Groups

Please check out these virtual communities to deepen into the teachings of Ram Dass and find fellow truth seekers on the path. Whether you have known Ram Dass for 50 years or are just encountering his teachings, all are welcome.

Use the checkboxes on the signup form below to indicate which fellowship(s) you are interested in joining. We look forward to joining together in spiritual community around the teachings of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba.

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General Fellowship

The general fellowship includes monthly activities to build connections to the teachings and each other. We host a monthly Livestream event with amazing teachers and virtual meetups with breakout rooms. This Satsang is open to everyone of all backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

Fraternidad de Ram Dass
La confraternidad general de Ram Dass es un lugar para que la gente profundice en su propia práctica y se conecte con los demás. Organizamos eventos virtuales mensuales y encuentros mensuales, y ayudamos a las personas a encontrar comunidades locales.
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Women's Fellowship Circle

The Women’s Satsang has been formed to help build allyship and agency among people who identify as women, whether cis, trans, or non-binary women, by providing a space to come together to foster greater connection, involvement, and representation around the teaching of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba.

Each month, women are invited to a monthly virtual Satsang that uses a shared leadership model, with rotating facilitators, cooperative programming, active participation, and inclusive decision making. **

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BIPOC Fellowship

The BIPOC Satsang has been formed to help build allyship and agency among people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color/world majority to foster greater connection, involvement, and representation around the teaching of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba.

For those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, we invite you to this monthly virtual gathering to discuss unique topics and share your experiences and needs within the LSRF community.

lgbtq fellowship
LGBTQIA Fellowship

The LGBTQI+ Ram Dass Satsang’s mission is to cultivate loving awareness and heart connections in a community of kindred souls. We celebrate our unity in the full spectrum of gender and sexuality in and from a space of supportive openness.

Why Affinity Groups?

Affinity groups are shown to be an integral part of creating an inclusive environment. These spaces offer individuals with similar backgrounds who have historically been marginalized an opportunity to socialize, share ideas and explore shared experiences without needing to defend them from others. Ram Dass said, "We don’t try to deny or manipulate individual differences. We honor them, in fact, we seek them out—because we understand that before we undertake any serious social action, we need a strong sense of who we are."

If you would like to learn more about the need for affinity groups and why we honor diversity within the unity, please read our FAQ section below and this article by Ram Dass on Honoring Diversity within Unity.

Sign Up & Join the Virtual Community

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If you are interested in joining any of our fellowship groups - please fill out our Ram Dass Fellowship Form.

Once you have signed up via Mailchimp, please request access to the Ram Dass Fellowship Facebook group to be connected with Satsang close to you.

If you do not use Facebook, please Email Us to be connected or with any questions you may have.

*By filling out the Fellowship Form you are giving consent to LSRF to use your email for local meetup connection purposes only via Mailchimp. 

This is a space to celebrate, connect, and support one another, share experiences and connect to Ram Dass's teachings. Please keep interactions respectful, so that all voices can be heard and all hearts honored. LSRF has the right to remove community members who are not upholding these values. 


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Fellowship Group Options

Fellowship FAQ



* Love, Serve, Remember Foundation is dedicated to continuing the teachings of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba, who teach us how to live in both the absolute and relative realities simultaneously.  During these historic times, we, as a collective and a foundation, are being asked to show up for those who are most marginalized. While this encompasses many groups, we are prioritizing the immediate needs of Women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color/world majority. If you have a desire to initiate another kind of affinity group, please submit your ideas for consideration to [email protected].

** The information provided by LSR Women's Group and affiliate presenters is for general educational and informational purposes only and your participation is voluntary. Views expressed by presenters and participants reflect their personal beliefs and do not necessarily represent the wider views of LSRF. The Women’s Fellowship Circle is not a political or outside advocacy group, therapy session, or grievance board. 


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