Ram Dass on Finding Your Center

Just center yourself in silence for a moment. Instead of waiting for something to happen, flip it just slightly and just be in it. Are you really h...Read More


What’s the difference between my ego and my true nature?

"How do I know the difference between mind chatter (ego) and the quiet voice within? What part of me do I trust?" Well, as I've said before, you real...Read More

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Changing Lenses: Essential Teaching Stories from Ram Dass

I really worked for a number of years at getting high and not coming down. And I learned a lot of different techniques for getting high by changing th...Read More


Allowing Ourselves to Experience Our own Beauty

When I start thinking, “I’m Ram Dass, and I’ve worked on myself, and I’m supposed to be equanimous, loving, present, clear, compassionate, acc...Read More


Love at the Root – The Devotion and Wisdom of KK Sah

Love at the Root Recently, Ram Dass’s beloved guru brother, Krishna Kumar (KK) Sah, passed away at his home in Nainital, India. The impact that KK ...Read More



Dissolving the Fear, Finding Your Own Beauty

A short film featuring Ram Dass on coming out of the darkness and overcoming our feelings of unworthiness in order to feel safe in the presence of lov...Read More


Ram Dass on Compassion and Being

Ram Dass encourages us to tap into the infinite and unbearable compassion that is available in every moment. Discover where you are caught in the melo...Read More


Ram Dass Discusses the Process of Dying

Ram Dass discusses the process of dying and what it means to the journey of awakening. He tells stories of being with the dying and they taught him ab...Read More


Krishna Das Chants to Saraswati

Krishna Das and friends perform "Saraswati" at the 2013 Ram Dass Thanksgiving Satsang ... Read More


The Guru’s Love

Ram Dass gathers with Sharon Salzberg and Krishna Das to talk about the love of the Guru. Krishna Das and Ram Dass share their experiences with Neem K... Read More


Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 160 – Science and Spirituality

In this interview from 1980, Ram Dass shares a mind-bending conversation with physicist Amit Goswami about the intersection of science and spiritual...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 159 – Stuck In-Between Stories

In this dharma talk from 1993, Ram Dass looks at how each of us can get stuck in our transition between the fear-driven social institutions that we ...Listen Here

social responsibility

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 158 – A Pledge to Social Responsibility

In this dharma talk from 1978, Ram Dass looks to the example set by The Shakertown Pledge as a model for committing ourselves to inner and outer soc...Listen Here

right here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 157 – It’s All Right Here

In this dharma talk from 1982, Ram Dass illuminates how happiness, boredom, suffering, past and future, life and death, it’s all right here in eve...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 156 – Dying Into What Is

In this dharma talk from 1981, Ram Dass looks at how we can let go of our fears about change and dying by understanding our true nature. This episode...Listen Here

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