Love at the Root – The Devotion and Wisdom of KK Sah

Love at the Root Recently, Ram Dass’s beloved guru brother, Krishna Kumar (KK) Sah, passed away at his home in Nainital, India. The impact that KK ...Read More


How do We Find Our Spiritual Orientation?

Each of us has a dominant theme in this incarnation. Some of us are primarily head-tripping. Most of us lead with our hearts. We have these incredibl...Read More


Remembering the Love of K.K. Sah

K.K. Sah was a lifelong devotee of Maharaji and a close family friend of Ram Dass since he first met Maharaji in 1967. It was K.K. who served as Ram D...Read More


How do we optimize our connections to ourselves and to the world?

I’ve been asked many times whether this is the aquarian age and it’s all just beginning, or if this is armageddon and this is the end, and I have ...Read More


Mindfulness as a Daily Habit

Mindfulness as a Daily Habit... All of us can remember those first moments of clear presence and mindfulness when we realized there is a path to inne...Read More



Dissolving the Fear, Finding Your Own Beauty

A short film featuring Ram Dass on coming out of the darkness and overcoming our feelings of unworthiness in order to feel safe in the presence of lov...Read More


Ram Dass on Compassion and Being

Ram Dass encourages us to tap into the infinite and unbearable compassion that is available in every moment. Discover where you are caught in the melo...Read More


Ram Dass Discusses the Process of Dying

Ram Dass discusses the process of dying and what it means to the journey of awakening. He tells stories of being with the dying and they taught him ab...Read More


Krishna Das Chants to Saraswati

Krishna Das and friends perform "Saraswati" at the 2013 Ram Dass Thanksgiving Satsang ... Read More


The Guru’s Love

Ram Dass gathers with Sharon Salzberg and Krishna Das to talk about the love of the Guru. Krishna Das and Ram Dass share their experiences with Neem K... Read More


Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 156 – Dying Into What Is

In this dharma talk from 1981, Ram Dass looks at how we can let go of our fears about change and dying by understanding our true nature. This episode...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 155 – Astral Fun and Games Pt. 2: Doorways to the Divine

Ram Dass shares a dharma talk exploring the complex relationships we form through devotional yoga that become doorways leading to inner liberation. D...Listen Here

still small voice

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 152 – The Still Small Voice Within

In this dharma talk from 1975, Ram Dass speaks of the still small voice within that serves as a constant reminder of our true nature and relationshi...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 151 – Entering into the One

In this dharma talk from 1993, Ram Dass answers questions about navigating our spiritual path and working with practices that can bring us into un...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 150 – Becoming Nobody

Celebrate the theatrical release of Becoming Nobody, the quintessential portal into Ram Dass’ life and teachings, with this collection of teachi...Listen Here

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