The Experience of Dualism

My path is the path of Guru Kripa, which means 'grace of the guru'. It seems like a sort of strange path in the West, but my path involves my relation...Read More


How do We Awaken Fully Through What We do on Earth?

First of all, we have to understand that we are humans who are awakening to an awarenesses of soul, if you want to use that term. We’re awakening ou...Read More


How do I know the Difference Between Ego and the Quiet Voice Within?

"How do I know the difference between mind chatter (ego) and the quiet voice within? What part of me do I trust?" Well, as I've said before, you re...Read More


Making Good Decisions in a World of Constant Change

“If everything within ourselves and the world is constantly changing, how do we make a decision that we will be able to live with in the next moment...Read More


Finding Balance on the Path to Liberation

There are many tools that all serve the process of awakening or liberation, and when you listen inward you can feel - or situations present themselves... Read More



Cultivating the Heart of Compassion

Ram Dass was spending time with a man with MS and he was about to get caught in being a do gooder, helping the poor soul with MS, but then they looked... Read More


What is True?

What's true? Ram Dass speaks about cultivating compassion throughout ones spiritual journey. Ram Dass meets so many old souls and realizes that when h... Read More


Ram Dass on Conscious Aging (Part 8 of 8)

Conscious Aging conference sponsored by the Omega Institute in 1992. Instead of just reading things like People magazine and the New York Times, start... Read More


Ram Dass on Conscious Aging (Part 7 of 8)

Conscious Aging conference sponsored by the Omega Institute in 1992. Aging can help with the spiritual journey. You become irrelevant so you can do in... Read More


Ram Dass on Conscious Aging (Part 6 of 8)

Conscious Aging conference sponsored by the Omega Institute in 1992. It's more difficult to disidentify with the personality. Is there a place to stan... Read More


Ep. 109 – The Five Invitations with Frank Ostaseski, Roshi Joan Halifax and Raghu Markus

Ram Dass is joined by Roshi Joan Halifax, Raghu Markus and the author of “The Five Invitations,” Frank Ostaseski, to talk about his book and how m... Listen Here


Ep. 107 – The True Revolution

On this unique episode of Here and Now, Ram Dass discusses seeing God in all things and how the true revolution is found through the evolution of cons...Listen Here

Ep. 104 – Mindfulness and Food

Ram Dass is joined by a young Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield for a meaningful talk about mindfulness and food. This discussion on mindfulness ...Listen Here

who are you

Ep. 106 – Who Are You?

In this talk from 1976, Ram Dass talks about what we are beyond this lifetime and asks, Who Are You? Time after time we have experienced a cycle o...Listen Here

Ep. 105 – Keeping our Quietness and Love in 2017

Ram Dass and Raghu have a conversation around social action and keeping our quietness and love in 2017. Ram Dass talks about balancing ourselves, s...Listen Here

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