How does righteousness cut us off from truth?

When I start to get angry, I see my predicament and how I’m getting caught in expectations and righteousness. Learning to give up anger has been...Read More

How do we get trapped within psychedelic experiences?

"Paradise is the prison of the sage as the world is the prisoner of the believer." - Yahja b. Mu'adh al-Razi For many of us who have come into m...Read More

What is Karma Yoga and how can we take right action?

Question: Our first question is, we would like for you to define the term Karma Yoga and the second part to that would be how would you suggest that w...Read More

How do you reconcile faith and reason?

Faith and the Rational Mind We have come out of a period on the evolutionary journey of us as beings, where man evolved these great frontal lobes and...Read More

How can we expand our horizons through breaking down ego?

"A person always finds when he begins to practice meditation that all sorts of problems are brought out. Any hidden aspects of your personality are br...Read More



Dissolving the Fear, Finding Your Own Beauty

A short film featuring Ram Dass on coming out of the darkness and overcoming our feelings of unworthiness in order to feel safe in the presence of lov...Read More


Ram Dass on Compassion and Being

Ram Dass encourages us to tap into the infinite and unbearable compassion that is available in every moment. Discover where you are caught in the melo...Read More


Ram Dass Discusses the Process of Dying

Ram Dass discusses the process of dying and what it means to the journey of awakening. He tells stories of being with the dying and they taught him ab...Read More


Krishna Das Chants to Saraswati

Krishna Das and friends perform "Saraswati" at the 2013 Ram Dass Thanksgiving Satsang ... Read More


The Guru’s Love

Ram Dass gathers with Sharon Salzberg and Krishna Das to talk about the love of the Guru. Krishna Das and Ram Dass share their experiences with Neem K... Read More


Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 140 – Changing Cultural Myths

In this talk from 1993, Ram Dass reflects on our ever-evolving cultural myths and how we can shift our awareness beyond these narratives. Show Note...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 139 – Waking Up In This Lifetime

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 139 – Waking Up In This Lifetime

In this early talk, from 1970, Ram Dass talks about the methods of purification necessary for waking up in this lifetime, illuminates the traps that...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 138 – We’re All Just Saving Each Other’s Asses

Ram Dass is joined live on stage by Krishna Das and Raghu Markus for a conversation that explores generosity as a path of practice and the value of ...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 137 – The Importance of Inner Social Action

Ram Dass is joined by Noah and Raghu Markus for a conversation about meeting injustice with compassion and the importance of inner social action. S...Listen Here

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 136 – How to Inhabit Roles Lightly with Joy and Emptiness

In this talk from 1995, Ram Dass looks at how we can fully inhabit our roles with joy and emptiness instead of taking ourselves so seriously. Show ...Listen Here

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