We created Soul Land Records as a natural repository for the new music being created in dedication to and inspired by Ram Dass, who was an avid music listener with tastes spanning across many different genres – but always oriented towards touching that innermost place, that “Soul Land.” It is our intention that Soul Land Records may grow to serve our mission of spreading the teachings of Ram Dass through music.


People as Trees: Improvisations with Ram Dass

"This project has been a journey of growth, creativity, and spiritual exploration for us."

- Papadosio

Papadosio and Soul Land Records are proud to present People As Trees: Improvisations with Ram Dass, an album that transcends the boundaries of music and spirituality, offering listeners an immersive experience into the teachings of Ram Dass, guided by the eclectic sounds of Papadosio.

This album is a heartfelt invitation to explore the interconnectedness of all beings, viewed through the lens of musical ingenuity and spiritual wisdom.

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Listen to the first two singles now!



Love Serve Remember: Reimagined

“I listen to hear the Divine plan, and all I have to do is remember to love everyone, serve everyone and remember God”

- Ram Dass

Love Serve Remember: Reimagined is a musical homage to the original vinyl box set that was released almost fifty years ago. In this 5-track EP, you’ll discover remixed tracks of the original vinyl from 1973 as well as some newer Ram Dass teachings. Featuring new music from The Human Experience, Liquid Bloom, and John Pattern.

Ram Dass always had a way of bringing people together from all faiths and backgrounds, into a space of deep loving awareness. This record is a recognition of the bridge Ram Dass built, maintained, and built upon by a generation of younger seekers, artists, and musicians dedicated to continuing the legacy of these timeless teachings.


Alchemy of the Heart - Ram Dass x David Starfire

Soul Land Records and beloved global bass music producer David Starfire released their collaborative EP Alchemy of the Heart. The EP features an extended and edited version of the title track, “Alchemy of the Heart” along with three Ram Dass guided meditations. Characterized by its transcendent electronic underscore with Theta binaural beats, mesmerizing instrumentation, and the late Ram Dass’ heartfelt words, Alchemy of the Heart helps listeners return to their sacred heart space. A long-time supporter of Ram Dass, Starfire’s connection to the writer, thinker, and spiritual teacher can be felt throughout the EP. Alchemy of the Heart creates an atmosphere of serenity and spaciousness to provide listeners with a powerful meditative vessel.


Soul Land Music Series: Volume 2

Captured Live during their 2021 Soul Land Music Series Livestream Performances, Soul Land Music Series: Volume 2 offers a compilation of hand-selected mastered tracks from each artists’ unique and specially-curated musical performance on the 2021 virtual concert series, Soul Land Music Series: Songs & Stories Inspired by Ram Dass:

Soul Land Music Series: Volume 1

Soul Land Album Vol 1 Lineup

Soul Land Music Series: Volume 1 is a collection of live music inspired by the life and teachings of Ram Dass. Offering an eclectic and expressive assortment of artists and genres—ranging from folk and world,  jam, rock and kirtan, to ambient electronic meditations — Soul Land Music Series: Volume 1 offers listeners an ethereal and entertaining journey to the heart.

KK Sah

The Bhav of KK Sah

This music is an echo and pure reflection of KK’s deep devotional love and reverence for the Divine. In the wake of KK’s passing in early 2020, we are honored to release this record and to share this powerful transmission of devotion.

The Bhav of KK Sah was recorded in New York City, where we felt called upon to capture KK’s outflow of love and devotion. For the first time ever, KK played an electronic keyboard, accompanied by the two of us on vocals and drums. May it’s magic transform you as it has for so many of us, who have had the opportunity to experience the Bhav of KK Sah.

Krishna Das & Raghu Markus

Vessels Angels Ancestors
John Forté

Vessels, Angels & Ancestors

I can’t say how thrilled I am personally and on behalf of the foundation, to be able to present the artistic vision of John Forté with his powerful poetry and melodies, supported by his masterful production and contributing artists.

The way in which John marries the on-the-ground representation of social justice with his deep understanding of the unconditionality of love—and the wisdom that is contained therein—will be a tremendous offering for whoever this music speaks to. 

-Raghu Markus



In response to the temporary void of live concerts due to the pandemic in the Spring of 2020, we began a virtual concert series with the intention of bringing people together during a time when many felt quite isolated. We called the series Soul Land Music Series: Songs & Stories Inspired by Ram Dass. We brought together a wide and diverse array of musicians, rock bands, kirtan wallahs, electronic producers, folk musicians, experimental artists, and others, with one thing in common: a deep love, bhav, and connection with Ram Dass and his teachings.

This music series became the birthplace of our record label, Soul Land Records. Below, revisit the livestreams that started it all!

Soul Land Music Series - Season 2

Soul Land Music Series - Season 3


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