Ram Dass has dedicated his life to reaching out and sharing his teachings across the world. The Love Serve Remember Foundation offers a range of loving resources, including over 100 podcasts, guided meditations, words of wisdom, a free app for Android/iOS and more. For generations, Ram Dass’ work continues to be a path of inspiration for people across all walks of life.

Learn to Love Everyone

Spiritual practices are designed to awaken us out of separateness into connection with all things, with Spirit, God, the One. Ram Dass provides us with a range of loving resources and methods that take us out of our separateness into our awareness or oneness. We strive to enter a balance where we are both separate and not separate, a paradoxical reflection of the spiritual path. The cornerstone of Ram Dass’ philosophy and teachings is designed to bring us back to the one behind many.
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There is no doubt that throughout our modern lives, thoughts, emotions and sensations will surface constantly and disturb our essential peace. How does one deal with things like anxiety, stress and depression, as they are an inevitable part of our spiritual path? When we are carried away by pleasurable experiences, or avoid unpleasant experiences, we reinforce our ego. Our ego is structured to seek pleasure and avoid pain and so we can use our practice to let go of attachment to our thoughts, emotions and sensations to get free and begin to shift perspective to our soul.

Love is the emotion of merging and becoming one. Love and compassion is being with another’s suffering and experiencing our interrelatedness in the most direct way by opening our hearts to one another. Spiritually, compassion is a profound issue. When we think of compassion, mostly we think of empathy and of seeing suffering. However, from a spiritual point of view, empathy is balanced by an appreciation of the reality that lies behind the appearance. Compassion involves a kind of paradox. When we respond from our human heart to another person’s suffering, we can experience incredible pain. Some individuals’ suffering is their route through to awakening. From that loving perspective, the universe is a set of unfolding laws and there are no errors of accidents. It is all perfect. One of the cornerstones of Ram Dass’ philosophy and teachings revolves around how to keep your heart open while cultivating our existence. We cannot take away the world’s suffering but at the same time, we are a part of the world’s healing and compassion. We are just another one of the forces in the universe.

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