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Immerse yourself in profound teachings from Alan Watts and Ram Dass, two cultural icons who were essential in bringing Eastern mysticism to a Western audience.

Two cultural icons. Two unique perspectives. One understanding of the presence of the way.

Alan Watts was a scholar and a philosopher; his ideas were deeply profound yet entirely accessible. Ram Dass was an explorer of human consciousness and heartfulness; his life was his message. Both were essential in transmitting Eastern mysticism to a Western audience, opening the minds and hearts of millions of people.

Though they traveled different paths of spirituality and mindfulness – Alan on the path of non-duality, Ram Dass on the path of Bhakti yoga – they came together in friendship and in understanding the Tao, the way of things. There are many pathways up the mountain, but the destination remains the same.

Love Serve Remember Foundation and the Alan Watts Organization invite you to open your mind, open your heart, and tap into the living truth of these two seminal figures.

In this 4-week course, you will...

  • Immerse yourself in profound teachings from Alan Watts and Ram Dass, two cultural icons who were essential in bringing Eastern mysticism to a Western audience
  • Recognize the possibility of a true merging of mind and heart through two very different perspectives on the spiritual path
  • Discover ways to create greater balance and harmony in life
  • Develop your intuition and sensitivity and leave behind your analytical mind
  • Learn how to navigate the worlds of business, money, and pleasure, and use the stuff of life to get free
  • Abandon the complicated games and self-interests that make you doubt yourself
  • Gain discernment for the “divine madness” of love, sex, romance, and parenting
  • Start to recognize your true nature in connection to your humanity
  • Develop deeper trust in yourself, nature, and the way of things

Calendar of Events

Replays of the Dharma Talks will be available for those who cannot make the live events.
  • Week 1 Dharma Talk Q&A with Mark Watts & Raghu Markus, hosted by Jackie Dobrinska - Monday, 10/2 @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Week 1 Community Meetup hosted by Swapnil Abrol - Thursday, 10/5 @ noon PT / 3pm ET
  • Week 2 Dharma Talk Q&A with David Nichtern, hosted by Jackie Dobrinska - Monday, 10/9 @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Week 2 Community Meetup hosted by Swapnil Abrol - Thursday, 10/12 @ noon PT / 3pm ET
  • Week 3 Dharma Talk Q&A with Koshin Paley Ellison, hosted by Ganga Devi Braun - Monday, 10/16 @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Week 3 Community Meetup hosted by Matthew Ceurvorst - Thursday, 10/19 @ noon PT / 3pm ET
  • Week 4 Dharma Talk Q&A with Trudy Goodman, hosted by Ganga Devi Braun - Monday, 10/23 at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET
  • Week 4 Community Meetup hosted by Matthew Ceurvorst- Thursday, 10/26 at noon PT / 3pm ET

Meet Your Dharma Teachers


A prolific author and speaker, Alan Watts was one of the first to interpret Eastern wisdom for a Western audience. Born outside London in 1915, he discovered the nearby Buddhist Lodge at a young age. After moving to the United States in 1938, Alan became an Episcopal priest for a time, and then relocated to Millbrook, New York, where he wrote his pivotal book The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety. In 1951 he moved to San Francisco where he began teaching Buddhist studies, and in 1956 began his popular radio show, “Way Beyond the West.” By the early sixties, Alan’s radio talks aired nationally and the counterculture movement adopted him as a spiritual spokesperson. He wrote and traveled regularly until his passing in 1973.


Ram Dass first went to India in 1967. He was still Dr. Richard Alpert, a prominent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. He continued his psychedelic research until that fateful Eastern trip, where he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately known as Maharajji, who gave Ram Dass his name, which means “servant of God.” Everything changed then – his intense dharmic life started, and he became a pivotal influence on a culture that has reverberated with the words “Be Here Now” ever since. Ram Dass’ spirit has been a guiding light for three generations, carrying along millions on the journey, helping to free them from their bonds as he works through his own.

Meet Your Live Teachers

Mark Watts
Mark Watts
Trudy Goodman
Trudy Goodman
Koshin Paley Ellison
David Nichtern Headshot
David Nichtern
Jacquelyn Dobrinska Headshot
Jacquelyn Dobrinska
Raghu Markus
Raghu Markus

Your Weekly Course Syllabus

Week 1

Awakening from the Illusion

There are times when we feel so desperately alone in this world that it’s like we are completely separate from everyone and everything. But beyond the feelings of separateness, there is a unity, a source behind it all, that we can tap into. How do we loosen the attachment to our identities, to our egos, to that very-strong sense of “I” that each of us desperately clings to? Can we let go enough to see that the One is the many, and the many is the One?

This week, we explore the theme of awakening from the illusion of separateness – separateness from God, from the natural world, and from each other.

Featured Dharma Teachers - Mark Watts & Raghu Markus

Week 2

Money, Wealth, Work, and Play

Life, to put it mildly, can be overwhelming at times. Many of us work just to make money, so we spend all our time doing some we don’t want to do. We’re endlessly worried about money and ignore the true wealth we already have. Moments of leisure and play can feel few and far between. Is there any way we can use the stuff of life to get free? Can we escape the boxes we love to put ourselves in and see the true nature of the world in all its wiggly glory?

This week, we explore themes of money, wealth, work, and play, focusing on using business as a method, understanding money, and the pursuit of pleasure.

Featured Dharma Teacher - David Nichtern

Week 3

Perspective of the Tao: Balance With the Way of Things

In living our lives, in doing our spiritual work, there is a path to travel, a Great Way to follow. There is a flow to this way, a harmony, a spirit that we can tap into. But we always seem to be looking for this path in all the wrong places. We look outside of ourselves for answers and lose our balance with the way of things. It’s time to start looking within. It’s time to connect to our intuition, to that still, small voice within. It’s time to see the perspective of the Tao.

This week, we explore themes of balance and perspective, focusing on Taoism, Zen Buddhism, understanding dharma, and the harmony of nature.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Koshin Paley Ellison

Week 4

Love and Transformation

For many of us, we define ourselves through our relationships with other people. We take on different roles with each other like parent, friend, or lover. But no matter what role we play, love isn’t easy. The path of the heart is tripwired with clinging and attachment. And using relationships as a way to get free might just be the hardest path of all. So how is it that we can transform ourselves using love as a guiding force?

This week, we explore themes of love and transformation, focusing on the yoga of relationships, monogamy and marriage, sexual love, and devotional tantra.

Featured Dharma Teacher - Trudy Goodman


Here's What You'll Get When You Join 'Presence of The Way' Live Today:

  • 12 hours of carefully curated Audio & Video Teachings from Ram Dass and Alan Watts
  • 6 Audio Bonus Perspectives from Alan Watts
  • 6 Audio Practices from Ram Dass
  • An easy-to-use course dashboard (Teachable). On Teachable, you'll access videos, audio, and text transcripts, plus a community and live calls to support you.
  • Downloadable/Printable PDF transcripts of all Alan Watts and Ram Dass teachings
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When You Join Today, You'll Also Get These 5 Bonuses 100% Free:

  • Bonus #1: Live Community Forum - Join our live, private community forum 24/7 with other truth-seekers enrolled in this course. Share your experience, learn from others, ask questions, and connect with other like-minded people.
  • Bonus #2: 4 Live Community Calls (Every Thursday for 4 Weeks) - Join our Community Director Jacquelyn Dobrinska and other Community Leaders for four live community calls, where they will cover the past week's content, support you in checking in with yourself, and turn this course into a transformative experience in community with others.
  • Bonus #3: 4 Live Dharma Talks with Q&A from Trudy Goodman, Mark Watts, Raghu Markus, David Nichtern & more! You'll have a chance to get your questions answered live on the Q&A calls with these incredible teachers and lineage holders. Re-plays of the Dharma talks will be available within 24 hours of airing live!
  • Bonus #4: Phone Lock Screen and Computer Backgrounds - Remind yourself to come back to the present moment with these custom-made phone lock screens and computer backgrounds. These beautiful images will remind you of what you're working on, so you can stay present to the teachings.
  • Bonus #5: Ram Dass Alan Watts Digital Memorabilia Scrapbook: A collection of notes, photos, and articles from the personal archives of Ram Dass and Alan Watts.

Need-based scholarship opportunities


Generosity has been the essential ingredient in the spirit of the lineage that Ram Dass represents through his guru, Neem Karoli Baba.

In the spirit of this tradition, Love Serve Remember is committed to offering financial assistance to those who need it and are dedicated to preserving and continuing these teachings. LSRF does not want cost to be an obstacle for participation. If you cannot participate in the Presence of the Way course due to funds, we strongly encourage you to pay what you can here. Once you pay what you can afford, you will be enrolled into the course by Monday, October 2nd.

What other teachers love about Ram Dass and Alan Watts


"Ram Dass is one of the great spiritual masters of our time who was at the same time extremely humble, approachable, and a quintessential storyteller! He also knew how to transcend all stories and find the highest truth in the pure knowing and love of just being...”

- Deepak Chopra

Krishna Das

"There is no one better than Ram Dass to transmit the essence of 'Eastern' religion and philosophy to Westerners. He has made the journey and from the depth of his joy and wisdom he shares with us the journey of so many great beings.”

- Krishna Das


"Perhaps the foremost interpreter of Eastern disciplines for the contemporary West, Alan Watts had the rare gift of ‘writing beautifully the un-writable’. Watts begins with scholarship and intellect and proceeds with art and eloquence to the frontiers of the spirit. A fascinating entry into the deepest ways of knowing.”

- LA Times

What students love about our courses...

"My heart needed this beautiful respite from the world. Not that it was easy! Opening the heart and getting to the root of unease can be difficult, but these wise teachers so gently led the way. I am so grateful for their skill and leadership, loving guidance and living embodiment of heartfulness! My practice is deepened, and my heart is wide open! ”

“The course came at an exceedingly difficult time and provided a place to feel understood in my practice of deepening my devotion as a central practice in healing and remaking my life. It has been invaluable at a time when I feel somewhat isolated because of deep and positive changes and transformation to commune with other compassionate souls the world over. Thank you for giving me this gift. Your work is invaluable in this world of ours needing love, understanding & peace.”

"I have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in this course. I have found community through the Love Serve Remember Foundation, and a new sense of direction in terms of connecting with others. It was really cool to hear different perspectives on topics I don’t get to discuss with others very often. Thank you so much. "


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