Bearing the Unbearable



If you don’t use the part of the mind that is the intuitive heart-mind, if you don’t cultivate it and use it, you’re just left in a reactive kind of puppetry.

It’s only when the mind, the awareness, draws back that you have a sense of the gestalt – you see the whole thing, and then there is nothing in you pushing it away or grabbing at it.

In order to be able to cultivate that level of awareness, you have to finally come to terms with denial, because otherwise the closing of the heart to protect from despair is too much. To that extent you are not able to work with what is, and there is a part of you that is locked in, closed off from the universe, and so you’re saying, “I wanna be everything. We are all one except for this or that. But that’s too horrible. I can’t bear that.

What the game is about is bearing the unbearable.

“I Can’t Bear It”

And here we are. Now what? See where, “I can’t bear it” comes from? Like a model of “I’ll crack open if my heart breaks.” Well, if your heart doesn’t break you’ll starve to death. That’s your choice. To spiritually starve.

I’d rather have my heart break again and again and again, moment by moment by moment, because then I am alive in the situation. I’m getting fed and I’m feeding, and the whole thing comes down to the fact that we are together.


– Ram Dass

Mile High Church, Denver, CO