A Guide to Yoga Chants

Yoga chants, are repeated “Mantras,” of the various names of God, that focus the mind to one point and engender an open heart. Yoga chants help us journey towards higher states of consciousness and learn to become whole. Many people find that their lives begin to be transformed as they practice the ancient art of yoga chants. Chanting allows us to open our sense doors and quiet the mind.

The centuries old practice of yoga chants is typically recited in the ancient Sanskrit language of India. Consider your mantra to be a mental instrument or tool that helps you become peaceful, focused and more present. Yoga chants can be quite effective in focusing the mind much like meditation. Yoga chants are known to help reduce stress, provide a sense of self-care and re-energize the mind and body.


Chanting (Kirtan) is a part of the path of Devotional Yoga.

“The words of these chants are called the divine names and they come from a place that’s deeper than our hearts and our thoughts, deeper than the mind. And so as we sing them they turn us towards ourselves, into ourselves. They bring us in, and as we offer ourselves into the experience, the experience changes us. These chants have no meaning other than the experience that we have by doing them. They come from the Hindu tradition, but it’s not about being a Hindu, or believing anything in advance. It’s just about doing it, and experiencing. Nothing to join, you just sit down and sing.” – Krishna Das

Listen to chants from our favorite artists below:


Links: Nina Rao Chant, Krishna Das, Jai UttalGovindas & Radha, Diana Rogers, Shantala

Learn More About the Kirtan Experience

Kirtan is the ancient genre of spiritual music or shared recitation, which is connected to spiritual practice. In Sanskrit, Kirtan is for “narrating, reciting, telling and describing” an idea or story. Kirtan can serve as a guide for many people when it comes to meditation. Many people find the absorbing melodies and joyful rhythms to be powerfully soothing and regenerative. Further, the act of singing or chanting rests at the core of Kirtan. When a community’s voice becomes one. The Kirtan has truly connected each individual and quieted the mind. Moreover, Kirtan is for all people. It is a primary way to connect both to our own true selves but also commune with a community of like minded people or satsang.