How Do You Open Your Heart?

It is so incredibly gentle and beautiful to start a dialogue of love with a being who is love.

Some of you have known Meher Baba who is such great love, or Christ who is a statement of love, who is love itself. You just open yourself. You can sit in your little meditation area and you take a picture of a being whose love is pure, whose love is in the light of God. It’s not the love of personality, it’s not the love of romance, it’s not that needful love, “I need you.” Romantic love is jealous and possessive because the object of that relationship becomes your connection to that place in you which is love. The kind of love that Christ gives is conscious, unconditional love, he just is love. And ultimately you become that kind of love. There’s no need about it. You’re living in that space and don’t need anybody to turn you on to love because you are it and everybody that comes near you drinks of it.

And as you become more and more the statement of love, you fall in love with everyone. There’s nobody here that I don’t feel in love with when I look at because all I see is that which is love in them. I can see all their impediments too, it’s all there but I’m not climbing into it. I’m not denying it, but I’m not getting stuck in it either. And because you feel love when you are with me, that opens you to the place in yourself which is love. Sometimes when you feel that, you want to cling to me because I’m your love connection; but I’m not clingable to. There’s no way you can collect me; the only way to do it is to become it yourself. Otherwise you’re always going to be looking for connections.

If you follow your heart nothing will happen to you, you are protected. As long as your actions are based on your pure seeking for God, you are safe.

And any time you are unsure or frightened about your situation, there’s a beautiful and very powerful mantra – “The power of God is within me. The grace of God surrounds me.” – which you can repeat to yourself. It will protect you. Experience the power of it, it’s like a solid steel shaft that goes from above through the top of your head right down to the base of your being. Grace will surround you like a force field. Through an open heart one hears the universe.


– Ram Dass


Artwork by Kirsten English

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