Life and Teachings of Ram Dass


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Life and Death
Love and Anger
Service and Suffering
Compassion and Ego

The tapestry of our human experience is complex, expansive, and oftentimes confusing.

The landscape shifts, the journey changes course, peaks and valleys abound, and we are often asked to step into the discomfort of the unknown, perhaps without any resources to help us find balance and spaciousness in our day-to-day lives.

Ram Dass dedicated over five decades of his life to helping people rediscover their own inner resources, and pointing them towards the innate freedom that is our birthright and soul’s calling.

He taught on a vast number of topics throughout his life, but each one fits into that tapestry of humanity that we all share, and all experience at one point or another.

From love, trust and intuition, compassion and courage, to relationships and fear, ego and death, Ram Dass had the ability to address life’s big topics from the perspective of universal truth.

This year, as we celebrate what would’ve been Ram Dass’s 90th birthday, and the 50th anniversary of his transformational book, Be Here Now, it felt like the right time to create an expanded offering that encompasses his life’s work and teachings.

“The Life and Teachings of Ram Dass” is an eight-week course designed to teach the art of being here now, and to open us up to the possibility of taking off our masks and reconnecting to our loving, compassionate hearts.

In our most comprehensive course to date, we combine weekly archival Ram Dass teachings, mantras, and meditation with live virtual teaching sessions from a fantastic lineup of wisdom leaders, movement and yoga practitioners, and virtual community gatherings where you can share and connect with Satsang (spiritual community).

Whether you’ve known of Ram Dass for decades or you’re just beginning the journey, this course is accessible to everyone who is willing to step into a beginner's mind to cultivate openness, curiosity and wonder.

The world, by nature, is gloriously uncertain. But we have the opportunity to find our ground through spiritual practices and self-inquiry.

This course is a call to deep inner work, an invitation to reach out to others with curiosity and compassion, to cultivate conscious ways of being in your world, and to deepen an understanding of our true nature.

Finding our balance is a lifelong journey, and we look forward to exploring the most powerful ways we can show up for each other and ourselves.


What you'll discover during this course...

Ram Dass Relationship Images

Nurture the spontaneous generosity of your heart.

Open and ground your heart to face a challenging world.

Utilize suffering and grief as catalysts for transformation and liberation on the spiritual path.

Engage in relationships from a place of wholeness and truth, rather than from a “deprivation model”.

Develop a consistent spiritual practice to benefit your all-over wellbeing and loving presence.

Cultivate a joyful spirit through service, not in spite of it.

Help in a way that doesn’t perpetuate suffering, or cause burnout.

Work with lust, desire, and power in such a way that it doesn’t create separation.

Discover your own unique contribution to the web of compassion that supports us all.

Meet people in a way that keeps your heart open without giving up discerning wisdom.

Use all relationships as vehicles to become free in your life.

Become a loving, spacious environment that allows us all to live our authentic experiences and express our true nature.

Open to every life experiences as an opportunity to deepen your capacity for compassion and love.


What's included in this course...

Access to an easy-to-use course dashboard ( that contains weekly teachings and practices from our wisdom teachers.

Archival Ram Dass Audio and Video recordings, with downloadable transcripts for accessibility and ease-of-use.

Live weekly teaching and Q&A sessions with a wide variety of wisdom leaders from the Bhakti and Buddhist traditions. (Taking place on Mondays at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. Available for re-watch within 24-hours for those who cannot attend live).

Live weekly virtual breakout discussion groups with others in the course community via Zoom. We are hosting two separate gatherings each week, one at 10:40am PDT and one at 4:40pm PDT to accommodate our non-U.S. based students as well as our U.S. based students. 

Optional weekly 'Deep Dive' extended material from the Ram Dass archives.

Weekly meditation and mantra practice from Ram Dass and our lineup of wisdom teachers and practitioners.

Optional weekly movement and practice classes with our experienced guides.

Access to a virtual, private Facebook community with daily prompts and discussion.

Ram Dass Sitting in Meditation with Mala

Meet Your Dharma Teachers

Sharon Salzberg Headshot
Sharon Salzberg
Mirabai Starr Headshot
Mirabai Starr
Dale Borglum Headshot
Ram Dev
Omid Safi
Dr. Omid Safi
Mirabai Bush Headshot
Mirabai Bush
Spring Washam
Spring Washam
Raghu Markus Headshot
Raghu Markus
Thanissara and Kittisaro
Thanissara & Kittisaro

Meet Your Movement & Yoga Teachers

Elena Brower
Elena Brower
Stuart Watkins Headshot
Stuart Watkins
Durga Stef Weingerz
Durga Stef Weingerz
Dharma Fears Headshot
Angela (Dharma) Fears
Andrew Sealy
Andrew Sealy
Susy Shiefflin
Susy Schieffelin
Govind Das
Govind Das
Alanna Jade Headshot
Alanna Jade

Your Weekly Course Syllabus

Raghu Markus and Stuart Watkins
Week 1

True Essence & Identity: From Somebody to Soul

Beginning May 10th

In our week 1 teachings, Ram Dass explores the factors surrounding our suffering and separateness, leading us towards identifying with our true nature rather than our bodies and egos. He dives into the different planes of consciousness that we work through in our human incarnations.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Raghu Markus
Featured Yoga Teacher: Stuart Watkins


Sharon and Durga Week 2
Week 2

Taking the Curriculum & Grist for the Mill

Beginning May 17th

How can we experience our incarnation from the level of our souls, rather than our egos?

In our week 2 teachings, Ram Dass explores the curriculum of our human incarnations, and the ways that cultivating our Witness (neutral observer of our life) can help us shift our perspective from the individual self to the Soul Self, while honoring our unique predicaments and incarnations.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Sharon Salzberg
Featured Yoga Teacher: Durga Stef Weingerz

Spring and Dharma Week 3
Week 3

Purification: Extricating the Mind

Beginning May 24th

In week 3 teachings, Ram Dass elucidates specific tools and methods of the spiritual path. You'll learn what spiritual practices and routines are best for your individual needs, and how to ground yourself in the world through cultivating a spiritual practice.

From meditation, mantra, chant, journaling, reading, or creating a sacred space for yourself in your home, you'll discover practices that resonate with your own individual experience.

Through these centering devices, we can bring presence into our daily life and build resilience through sustainable, practical tools and practices.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Spring Washam
Featured Yoga Teacher: Angela Dharma Fears

Thanissara and Alanna Week 4
Week 4

Transforming Difficult Emotions

Beginning May 31st

In week 4, Ram Dass dives into ways you can honor and allow your humanity and divinity, by learning to transform your difficult emotions.

How can you heal the emotional body through reframing your identities and the stories you tell yourself? Can you allow yourself to simply be the way you are, without judgment or need for approval? Can you do so for others?

The path towards truth is through learning to allow ourselves and others to simply be as we are within the realm of our human incarnations and our divinity.

Featured Dharma Teachers: Thanissara and Kittisaro
Featured Yoga Teacher: Alanna Jade


Omid and Andrew WEek 5
Week 5

Cultivating the Heart of Compassion

Beginning June 7th

How can we keep our hearts open and grounded in the face of a challenging world?

In week 5, Ram Dass explores how we can open our hearts through compassion, by being love rather than trying to possess others or possess love. We do our best to stay open so that we can serve as a vehicle for compassion without burning out.

Through nurturing the spontaneous generosity of our hearts, and by not getting caught in and identifying with suffering, we can become loving, spacious environments for others to take off their masks and open to their authentic experiences and true nature.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Omid Safi
Featured Yoga Teacher: Andrew Sealy

Mirabai and Elena Week 6
Week 6

The Yoga of Relationships: Being Free Together

Beginning June 14th

Ram Dass explores relationships, and ways that we can work with lust, desire, and power in a way that doesn’t create separation. Once we recognize that relationships are mirrors for our own minds and hearts, we can begin to meet people in a way that allows our hearts to remain open while maintaining our discerning wisdom.

Ram Dass explores the importance of truth over consistency in relationships, allowing others the opportunity to change and evolve in the way that they need to, and dissolving our "deprivation models" that so often accompany relationships.

Through learning to dance with intense emotions like jealousy, anger, lust, and even boredom without becoming beholden to them, we can use relationships as vehicles to become free - together.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Mirabai Starr
Featured Yoga Teacher: Elena Brower

Mirabai and Susy Week 7
Week 7

The Yoga of Service and Social Action

Beginning June 21st

How can we serve others in a way that doesn’t perpetuate suffering, or cause burnout?

Karma Yoga (selfless service) provides a lens through which we can better understand and more effectively relieve the inevitable suffering we encounter in all areas of life.

By approaching and acknowledging our own suffering we begin to see the way that our own inner work becomes a service to all beings. Ram Dass leads us to explore ways to engage with the human condition as a method of cleaning up our act so we can merge with the universal sense of oneness.

Through listening to our own intuitive voice, we become a vessel of compassion.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Mirabai Bush
Featured Yoga Teacher: Susy Schieffelin

Ram Dev and Govind Das Week 8
Week 8

Aging and Dying

Beginning June 28th

Even though our Western culture sees death as an enemy, we can open up to embrace it as a tool on our journey of life.

We must become rooted in the deeper levels of reality that provide perspective around death in order to deal with the fear that surrounds it.

Aging gives us an opportunity to move deeper into spiritual practice, stillness, and quietness.

And opening to death is a mystery and incredible opportunity to look at that which is eternal inside of us.

Rather than seeing death as an error, we learn to recognize it as an adventure full of transformation and expansion.

Featured Dharma Teacher: Ram Dev (Dale Borglum)
Featured Yoga Teacher: Govind Das


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What people love about our courses...

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"I would like to thank you for the amazing tools you are providing us to live a much greater life. For me it is an incredible opportunity to listen, watch and read what these great masters can share with people like me who are involved in a transformational live journey. Thank you for teaching me how to listen with my heart and to connect with my real inner self.”

- Nicolette

Be Here Now Circle

“I just have to tell you that this course is magnificent and I am so glad I signed up! I have loved Ram Dass since the 70’s and followed his teachings. Going through a lot of changes now as my husband is ill and I quit working. This course is well put together and has helped my husband and me! Thank you with all our hearts for bringing this gift to us!”

- Chris and Linzy

Be Here Now 50th Anniversary Logo

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you and all those who are involved are doing. Including Ram Dass, of course! This is enough information to last a lifetime for me, and may take that long and more! .... Even just one of the bonus links, not to mention the main parts of the course. Many thanks!"

- Marie M.

Be Here Now Circle

"I’m enjoying this much need re-set. This the first time I’ve used mantras and chants and I have to say it is helping me a lot. I’m so much more aware of my thoughts and the mantra and my breath helps me to usher me back to the present moment. It is amazing once you are aware of your thoughts how on autopilot I have been as of late. This is a huge blessing to me as I’ve been going through some stressful times which also have led me to experience emotional turmoil. I’m feeling much better now and feel like I have a better outlook as I know I’m more than these thoughts and emotions."

- Mari A.

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