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Have you been aspiring to become more mindful and awake? Or maybe you want to take a step back and re-commit yourself to your daily practice? When you sign up to embark on this FREE 4-week journey with Ram Dass, you gift yourself the opportunity to find new spiritual practices that fit into your life, ultimately enabling you to cultivate more balance, spaciousness and peace throughout your day. 

This course is geared towards both beginners and experienced practitioners who would like to jumpstart their meditation journeys.

Study mindfulness & meditation with Ram Dass, who brought 'Be Here Now' to the West...

Our thoughts are always happening.

Much like leaves floating down a stream or clouds crossing the sky, they just keep on coming. They arise in the form of sensations, feelings, memories, anticipations, and speculations. And they are all constantly calling for attention: “Think of me! Notice me! Attend to me!"

As each thought passes, either we attend to it or we don’t. While we can’t stop the thoughts themselves, we can develop the awareness to not cling to them

If you are standing by a river and a leaf floats by, you have the choice to follow the leaf with your eye or keep your attention fixed in front of you. The leaf floats out of your line of vision. Another leaf enters…and floats by. 

But as we stand on the bank of the river and the leaves float by, there is no confusion as to whether or not we are the leaves. 

Similarly, it turns out that there is a place in our minds from which we can watch our own mental images go by. 

We aren’t our thoughts any more than we are the leaves. 

As with our awareness: It is present and witnesses all of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations; yet it is not identified with them.

To recognize and acknowledge this awareness, with its spacious, peaceful quality, is to find a very useful resource within. 

We see that we need not identify with each thought just because it happens to occur. And we can remain aware behind all these thoughts, in a state that offers an entirely new level of openness and insight...

What will you get from this course?

  •  Establish or renew a daily meditation practice in order to increase peace and equanimity within yourself. 
  • Through wisdom from Ram Dass, gain a perspective on how Mindfulness can change your daily life.
  •  Discover how to move through stressful situations with more ease.
  • Learn what a mantra is, and discover the power behind these sacred words.
  • The opportunity to join an online Facebook community of like-minded seekers to discuss and share your experience throughout the course. 
  • Immerse yourself in core Ram Dass teachings in audio, video and text form.

What You'll Receive when You join the Free Course...

  • Access to an easy-to-use course dashboard that contains weekly teachings and practices from Ram Dass.
  • Weekly emails that lead you to mantras, meditations, audio teachings, videos and writing prompts from Ram Dass along with other wisdom resources that will help you to synthesize each week's teachings.
  • Access to a private Facebook community for course participants where you can share your experience and discuss with others, make friends and build community.
  • PDF downloads of a printable meditation journal, a meditation & mantra calendar and a meditation & mindfulness handbook that will help you get started.
  • Access to free downloads of the audio teachings, articles, meditations and mantras so you can take them with you wherever you go, even after the course ends.
  • Transcripts of the audio and video from the course in case you'd rather read than listen or watch.
  • Two BONUS sessions introducing you to Pranayam (breath practice) with Ram Dass and a video practice of yoga Sun Salutations with Saraswati Markus.

Who is Ram Dass?

Ram Dass made his mark on the world by teaching the path of the heart (Bhakti Yoga) and promoting service in the areas of social consciousness and care for the dying. 

When Ram Dass first went to India in 1967, he was still Dr. Richard Alpert, an eminent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. In India, he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately known as Maharajji, who gave Ram Dass his name, which means "servant of God."  

On his return from India Ram Dass became a pivotal influence in our culture with the publication of “Be Here Now”. In fact those words have become a catch phrase in people’s lives for the last 40 years. 

Ram Dass now makes his home in Maui and teaches world wide through his website and continues the work of Neem Karoli Baba through the Love Serve Remember Foundation. 

Weekly Course Syllabus

Week 1 - Building a Foundation for your Practice  

Week 2 - Which Method is for Me?

Week 3 - Cultivating the Mindful Witness (Neutral Observer) of your Life

This week Ram Dass gives us the foundation of mindfulness and meditation practices, focusing on the ability of the mind to come to one-point and be completely present, which is the foundation for navigating the spiritual path.

This week’s course opens with Ram Dass discussing two very basic concepts – the reasons for practice and the various methods we have available to us. 

Cultivating the witness allows us the possibility of finding freedom from our attachments. The witness place inside you is simple awareness, the part of you that is aware of everything — just noticing, watching, not judging, just being present, being here now.

Week 4 - Working with Loving Awareness

Bonus #1 - Sun Salutations with Saraswati Markus

Bonus #2 - Pranayam Practice with Ram Dass

The practice of cultivating loving awareness turns you inward toward the soul. If you dive deep enough into your soul, you will come to God. In Greek it’s called “agape”, God love. Martin Luther King, Jr. describes it as “an overflowing love which is purely spontaneous, unmotivated, groundless and creative … the love of God operating in the human heart.”  

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) are part of an ancient traditional practice of bowing with gratitude to the sun; ‘Surya’. This dynamic set of asana offers connection to the macrocosm – the life-giving power of the Sun – while also attending to the microcosm, you – by preparing and warming the body-mind for other postures.  

Pranayama is the control of prana through the breath. These techniques rely on breathing through the nostrils. ​​​​​​​ Practiced correctly, pranayama brings harmony between the body, mind and spirit, making one physically, mentally and spiritually strong.

What People Love About Our Courses 

"I think it was an excellent course for people wanting to establish or try meditation. There are a number of people who often ask me about meditation and this would be something I would recommend to someone wanting to try or start a daily meditation practice." 

- Past Course Attendee  

"I just loved this course so much, it's hard to express. I continue to feel supported. I love the workbook and the Facebook group. I plan to continue to revisit the lessons. I LOOK FORWARD to another course. Several of my friends regretted not joining as I talked about the depth of experience I had. I'm sure if you offer more courses I will take them." 

- Past Course Attendee

"This was a great course! The format worked well, the content was excellent. I looked forward to it every day. I would love to participate in more courses like this one. Much gratitude!" 

- Past Course Attendee  

The course begins in...


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