We created Soul Land Records as a natural repository for the new music being created in dedication to and inspired by Ram Dass, who was an avid music listener with tastes spanning across many different genres – but always oriented towards touching that innermost place, that “Soul Land.” It is our intention that Soul Land Records may grow to serve our mission of spreading the teachings of Ram Dass through music.

Captured Live during their 2021 Soul Land Music Series Livestream Performances, Soul Land Music Series: Volume 2 offers a compilation of hand-selected mastered tracks from each artists’ unique and specially-curated musical performance on the 2021 virtual concert series, Soul Land Music Series: Songs & Stories Inspired by Ram Dass:

Soul Land Music Series: Volume 2 – Track Listing:


  1. EarthCry, Ram Dass - Just Love
  2. Londrelle - Gratitude (Live)
  3. Marti Nikko, DJ Drez - Sri Ram Jai Ram (Live)
  4. Jai Uttal - Ladder of Longing (from the album ‘Let Me Burn’)
  5. KRIPA - Ram like Moon
  6. John Forté feat. Ben Taylor - Hungry (Live)
  7. Rising Appalachia - Synchronicity (Live)
  8. Nina Rao - Vinayaka Always (Live)
  9. Jon Hopkins, East Forest, Ram Dass - Sit Around The Fire 
  10. Ram Dass - We All Come From God


“Hungry - Live” by John Forté ft. Ben Taylor

“Hungry - Live” is the Second Single from the compilation, featuring an accompanying lyric video captured Live during John Forté’s 2021 Soul Land Music Series Livestream. This low-down soul-moving number was recently released on John Forté’s 2021 album with Soul Land Records, Vessels, Angels & Ancestors. Freshly reworked into an earthy, toned down acoustic arrangement for Soul Land Music Series: Volume 2 – “Hungry” features heartfelt and swooning vocal contributions on the chorus from singer-songwriter, Ben Taylor; and invites listeners on a tight and hooky sonic journey adorned with Forté’s signature lyrical-spiritual wit. John describes, “It fits perfectly into this experience – it feels wholly appropriate and full-circle for this album.”

“Sri Ram Jai Ram - Live” by Marti Nikko & DJ Drez

Recorded Live during the 2021 Soul Land Music Series and representing a merging point of ancient eastern spiritual traditions and contemporary western electronic dance music, Marti Nikko sings buoyant and jobile mantras over DJ Drez’s masterfully-produced hip-hop beats—creating a unique and fun musical fusion unlike any other. OG’s in the electronic music world as well as the Bhakti Yoga scene, Marti Nikko & DJ Drez, with their single Sri Ram Jai Ram - Live,” bring the entertainment and the love in this musical experience truly harkening to what Ram Dass called “Soul Land.” 


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Soul Land Music Series - Season 2

Soul Land Music Series - Season 3



Soul Land Music Series: Volume 1

Soul Land Music Series: Volume 1 is a collection of live music inspired by the life and teachings of Ram Dass. Offering an eclectic and expressive assortment of artists and genres—ranging from folk and world,  jam, rock and kirtan, to ambient electronic meditations — Soul Land Music Series: Volume 1 offers listeners an ethereal and entertaining journey to the heart.

Soul Land Album Vol 1 Lineup
Vessels Angels Ancestors
John Forté

Vessels, Angels & Ancestors

I can’t say how thrilled I am personally and on behalf of the foundation, to be able to present the artistic vision of John Forté with his powerful poetry and melodies, supported by his masterful production and contributing artists.

The way in which John marries the on-the-ground representation of social justice with his deep understanding of the unconditionality of love—and the wisdom that is contained therein—will be a tremendous offering for whoever this music speaks to. 

-Raghu Markus


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