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Beginning September 13th, join us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ‘Be Here Now’ with a 21-day e-course exploring essential tools for awakening. Each day will bring alive and expand upon topics from the ‘white pages’ (the practical section at the end of ‘Be Here Now’).

When we want to wake up to the truth of who we really are and how it all is, many of us begin with a spiritual practice. But stepping onto a path is often more than we expect. It can feel like a roller coaster as we begin to evolve and change and confront facets of our being - our light, our resistance, and our long-ingrained habits.

Ram Dass recognized this paradox, and in his seminal book, Be Here Now, he included time-tested methods to support us on this journey. Whether you are brand new to the path or have been practicing for decades, bringing a willingness and beginner’s mind to each of the techniques can help us walk through life with more clarity, ease, and compassion for ourselves and others.

In the 21-day course, you’ll receive a daily distillation of Ram Dass’s practical, perennial wisdom from Be Here Now plus supplemental teachings incorporating modern perspectives from our eclectic list of Be Here Now Network wisdom teachers.

Whether you’d like to renew your practice, sample new methods, and ideas, or simply explore the ways you can bring awareness and presence into your everyday activities - from eating, sleeping, and studying to making money and showing up for your community - this course will meet you exactly where you are.

Maharaji reading Be Here Now
Ram Dass from Be Here Now

What's included in this course...

- 21 emails (one each day of the course) containing:

 1-2 brief audio clips from Ram Dass, further distilling the daily teachings [Transcripts will be available].

 2-3 brief teachings from our Be Here Now Network teachers to supplement the daily topic.

 A daily practice to try (if applicable).

 1-2 short quotes from the White Pages section of Be Here Now that we are exploring that day, made into shareable images.

- An invitation to 2 LIVE Zoom talks and Q&A sessions - one with meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg, and one with LSRF Director Raghu Markus.

- Access to a private online Facebook group to share in the community and discuss the daily topics during this 3-week journey.

Preview the Course:

Ram Dass on Sadhana (Spiritual Practice)

“The way you work, in doing Sādhanā, is that every act you perform becomes a method of taking you to this other state of consciousness. You are trying to change your perceptual vantage point and everything you do has to be a device to take you to that place. From a Western point of view, you are doing a complete cognitive reorganization. You are changing your reference point, changing the core concept around which the whole constellation is built.“ – Ram DassHere & Now Podcast - Episode 6

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We offer an equitable, sliding scale option to pay for this course.

Love, Serve, Remember Foundation is dedicated to preserving and continuing the teachings of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba. The foundation facilitates this through its FREE online resource library, podcasts, blogs, Livestream events, and much more.

To remain true to the roots that keep these teachings available to everyone, while allowing us to continue to create such content now and into the future, we are offering this e-course for $27 (just over a dollar a day), with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Your payment provides not only financial resources for teachers and staff, which are needed during the challenging times of COVID, but also helps produce, execute, and expand offerings during this special year celebrating the 50th anniversary of Be Here Now.

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Daily email syllabus - Topics & Explorations

Opening to Practice

Day 1: Sept. 13 - Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) - Exploring the importance and benefits of having a spiritual practice.

Day 2: Sept. 14 - Renunciation - Noticing the subtle pulls of attraction and aversion but returning to find the still, calm center.

**Day 2 features our course kick-off zoom call featuring Sharon Salzberg discussing the promises and pitfalls of the spiritual path at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT.

Day 3: Sept. 15 - Tapasya - Methods for strengthening your inner fire.

Day 4: Sept. 16 - Transmuting Energy - Awakening to the subtleties of the world.

Elements of Practice

Day 5: Sept. 17 - Karma Yoga - Using daily life as the vehicle for transformation.

Day 6: Sept. 18 - Bhakti Yoga - Using every act as an opportunity to deepen your devotion.

Day 7: Sept. 19 - Jnana, The Rational Mind - Cultivating a discerning mind.

Supporting Your Practice

Day 8: Sept. 20 - Study - Developing practice through reading sacred texts and mystical writings.

Day 9: Sept. 21 - Satsang - Finding a supportive community and good friends to hang out with.

Day 10: Sept. 22 - Time and Space - Cultivating presence in life and practice.

Day 11: Sept. 23 - Pranayama (breath work) - Breathing to calm your mind and enliven your life.

Day 12: Sept. 24 - Mantra - Using sacred phrases to calm yourself, focus, and move beyond the monkey mind.

Helpful Habits

Day 13: Sept. 25 - Eating - Making mealtime a part of your practice for awakening.

Day 14: Sept. 26 - Sleep - Using sleep as a spiritual practice to help you awaken.

Day 15: Sept. 27 - Truth - Using your words as a vehicle for awakening.

Navigating Life Shifts

Day 16: Sept. 28 - Getting Straight - Aligning your daily habits and routines with your practice.

Day 17: Sept. 29 - Right Livelihood - Discovering how to weave your work into your spiritual life.

Day 18: Sept. 30 - Dropping Out, Copping Out - Learning how your spiritual practice intersects with the needs of the world.

Going Forward

Day 19: Oct. 1 - The Guru  - Finding and having a teacher.

**Day 19 features our closing zoom call with Raghu Markus discussion next steps and taking student questions at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT.

Day 20: Oct. 2 - Next Steps - A Livestream Community Q&A to support your journey moving forward.

Day 21: Oct. 3 - Closing Celebration

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