What are the qualities of a true Guru?

Qualities of a True Guru

All beings are involved in an evolutionary journey. In the course of history, and far into pre-recorded history, beings have been getting lost in the illusion, and awakening out of it.

Some beings have finished their work and have awakened out of illusion, the illusion that is involved in birth after birth, not only on the physical plane, but on every other plane as well. When these free beings finally emerge from the illusion through grace, through the help of other beings who have escaped, they are faced with a choice. That choice is whether to merge back into God, or to resist that merging and remain in form on one plane or another. Either to take birth again on the physical plane or to make their substance condense on a lower astral plane in order to do ‘work’ for the relief of suffering of other beings.

The way in which these free spiritual beings help us is to speed our journey back to God.

They don’t turn us around. If you’re aimed away from God they won’t interfere. But the minute you look up, the minute your despair concerning the possibility for worldly gratification is great enough, you turn inward or reach upward towards God. And at that moment these beings (the true guru) are called forth by your prayers, by your cry for help, by your seeking for God. And then they shower upon you the grace of their presence, and the vibratory rate of their presence speeds up your journey incredibly.

Guru: Physical-Psychological Plane

On the physical-psychological plane, it’s apparent when one is around such a free being, that such a being is a perfect mirror for oneself. Since they themselves are not attached to being anybody who you see them to be is merely your own projection. Being around such a being allows you to see the way in which you are creating the universe. That mirror helps you gain the perception of your own attachments which ultimately allows you to become unattached to any models you have of the universe. To truly see the guru who is none other than God, who is none other than Self, which is the un-manifest Absolute.

The guru is constantly confronting you with where you’re not, with where you’re holding your secret stash of attachment. For people who are still much attached to their senses and to their thinking-minds, the guru manifests the teachings on the physical plane. It may be through a person, whom you call a guru (that is, they may embody themselves on this plane for that purpose), or it may be just through a set of teachings that they may create for you out of your life ‘web’. Though they are not manifesting on the physical plane they manipulate the substance of your karma in such a way as to speed up your awakening, once you have reached up for God.

-Ram Dass

20 thoughts on “What are the qualities of a true Guru?”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful words, a gentle reminder along the path, which can, at moments feel lonely. It’s a blessing to be reminded that we are never alone as we strive to surrender the ego and all it’s attachments. Many blessings in this moment of now.

  2. “merge back into God” and “manipulate the substance of your karma” I was concerned with karmatic energy today and how it is so multi-dimension, higher plane visited on the lower dimensions/vibrations. I found this amazingly synchronistic and a message from my guru; thank-you Baba Ram Dass. 🙂 <3

  3. I would like to know how I can work this dropping of attachment and of the illusion when I live with my 83 your old father whose behavior, attitude, nonsense, etc is affecting me super badly. I think my brain is turning to mush. I think I need to be away from him to live a life of change, growth, learning how to be stable, to awaken from this illusion. I can somewhat imagine that this opportunity might be perfect to work on stuff. So far I am drowning. I dont think I can work at a job and have enough income to support myself. I feel physically unwell. I am 59 years old. Have been out of work since Aug 2011. I did earn my BSW Aug 2012. ER doctor says my liver counts are high and I need more testing. I am clean and sober since Oct 2004. Alcohol was never my drug of choice. No health insurance yet. I am all for focussing only on spiritual growing toward love.

    • Hi Stephanie. Unhappiness is caused from wanting the way things currently are to be different. This unhappiness leads the mind to chase after things (any thing) that will make the situation different. Step one to regaining happiness is to accept the way things are, and this means simply acknowledging the reality of the situation. You don’t have to be happy about it. Once you’ve accepted the situation your mind can relax and you can stop ‘thinking’ your way forward and instead enjoy ‘being’. It isn’t a short or easy path Stephanie, but like all things it is worthwhile and you need to take one step at a time. Good luck.

    • Stephanie, I hear and understand your frustration. Many have been through experiences which, while not identical, are equally challenging. When my challenges were at their crescendo, I had an epiphany. I realized that I had been praying for help, something like, “I’m a good person, I don’t know why these things are happening to me, please help me through these experiences.” It occurred to me that nothing was changing and that I was praying as a victim would – simply a confused request for help. I decided to change my way of praying – to give thanks – , “I do not know why these things are happening to me, but I know that You, in Your infinite wisdom, have a reason for presenting me with these challenges. I thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow from these challenges because I know I must need the strength for something in the future.” Well – the answer to most of my problems was literally sitting on my doorstep the next morning! Changing the way you think about things, and feeling gratitude are keys. In addition, consider that time is an illusion. While the time with your father seems interminable, it is truly less than a drop in the bucket of universal time….

    • Stephanie please apply for ssdi immediately. This will answer your prayers for independence and health care. You don’t have to suffer; there are govt resources in place to save you.

  4. I believe in what you are saying. I’ve spent many many years of my life wrapped up in one kind of suffering or another. It was some time before I realized how attached I was to the head games I was creating, then if by magic your messages are right there in front of me. Keep up the good work!

    • Could someone please explain this part for me:

      ‘… or to make their substance condense on a lower astral plane in order to do ‘work’ for the relief of suffering of other beings.’

      What is the lower astral plane and how would this work take place.

  5. So true . . . I took Refuge with my Guru in Oct. 5, of 2003. He shot me forward on my path . . . by the Winter Solstice, I was doing bizarre unplanned things for people who were slipping on their path: I could “see” each person’s mask.

  6. I love the way that you describe the Guru. Having spent time with such a Being the ‘mystery’ surrounding them is quite remarkable. After a while one gets the sense of their true role…to take those of us who are on the path or are curious about finding it.

  7. Could someone please explain this part for me:

    ‘… That choice is whether to merge back into God, or to resist that merging and remain in form on one plane or another; either to take birth again on the physical plane or to make their substance condense on a lower astral plane in order to do ‘work’ for the relief of suffering of other beings.’

    What is the lower astral plane and how would this work take place. Condensed into what?

  8. Please know that I am coming from a place of sincerity and hopefully humility, with an openness to the possibility that as of yet, I don’t see the truth yet. To help me understand the idea “…that choice is whether to merge back into God….” This concept is absolutely repulsive to me. Can someone help me understand better?

    • You have a conditioned perspective on the word god. Maybe replace it with the word TRUTH?

      The ego feels threatened by the potential of freedom from it. It’s working against you. Our goal is to ditch the ego.

      You must take on the identity of the seeker and then let it go.

  9. I pray, I intend, I yearn to be with my guru at every level of my being. I know when the student is ready the teacher would appear….

  10. I am reaching a very confusing point in my life and I don’t want to confuse infatuation for enlightenment. I have been reading about many cultures and I have started meditating heavily. However I have many questions and I haven’t the slightest idea on who to ask


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