Satsang – Sangha – Community – when on the path of heart wisdom, it’s helpful to connect with other souls in which to share words, chants, or meals. To help support all the people reaching out to us looking for fellow truth seekers, we’ve organized the Ram Dass Fellowship. We can either help you find satsang, or support you with materials to host your own meetup.

Being part of The Ram Dass Fellowship means you’re part of a network of satsang members across the globe that host Ram Dass focused meetups in your community. People get together to watch a Ram Dass video, have a discussion, meditate, share some food or sing some kirtan. Some people hold them at yoga studios, others use their home with frequency up to you and your community. The intention is to create a space for people to gather and share their curiosity of life under the umbrella of Ram Dass’ teachings and Maharajji.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Ram Dass Fellowship and hosting your own meetups, please fill out the form here:


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