Donate to a mindfulness program, support a spiritual teacher and learn more about tax deductible donations to nonprofits like the Love Serve Remember Foundation. Since 1967, upon returning from India, Ram Dass has cultivated an array of spiritual methods and practices which have helped many people across the world.

When you support the Love Serve Remember Foundation, you help ensure that the teachings of Ram Dass will be available to generations to come. Our primary goal at LSRF is to create channels of insight to share with everyone who seeks truth and give back to the community that supports us by providing articles, audio and video offerings, podcasts, webcasts with Ram Dass and other esteemed teachers, as well as special events and book releases. If you want to donate to a mindfulness program or help support a spiritual teacher, you can actually make tax deductible donations to nonprofits like LSRF. The Love Serve Remember Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 foundation established on behalf of Ram Dass and dedicated towards his teachings and care.

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Support the Love Serve Remember Foundation for the chance to make a difference. We are all part of a team, and that includes you, our supporters. In order for all of us to make these teachings available, we need your continued support. Donating to a mindfulness program or choosing to support a spiritual teacher through tax deductible donations to nonprofits like LSRF allow us to spread Ram Dass’ spiritual message. Please consider a donation that reflects the value that these teachings bring to your daily life.

Another great way of supporting us is simply by bookmarking our Amazon Link. Anytime you use this bookmarked Amazon link to make a purchase, a little bit of your purchase gets donated to Ram Dass and Love Serve Remember Foundation. The best part is, it costs you nothing!

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Your contribution also helps support a spiritual teacher and allows us to produce videos, free downloads, weekly podcasts, blogs, social media outreach, and most importantly to digitize and preserve Ram Dass’ vast archive of over forty years of audio and visual media for future generations.

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