Episode 12 – Behind it All

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Raghu takes his friend Krishna Das to visit Maharaji, who gives a teaching on the oneness of all traditions. Ram Dass talks about going behind our personalities and individual incarnation and karma back to the source of Om.   TRANSCRIPTION Raghu Markus: Welcome to the Ram Dass Here and Now podcast and I’m your host… Read more »

Krishna Das & Chanting

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Chanting (Kirtan) is a part of the path of Devotional Yoga. When we see the beauty of our own being we are seeing the beauty of the Being that is the One of which we are all a part. And when we turn towards that One, love is the natural reaction of the heart. God… Read more »

Krishna Das at Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat 2010

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Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat 2010 in Maui, HI Krishna Das talks about coming together for the Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat in 2010. He reflects on Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass and being Love. For more information about this year’s Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat please visit: Open Your heart in… Read more »