09 Apr 2013
April 9, 2013

Episode 37 – Aldous Huxley


Aldous Huxley preceded Ram Dass and Tim Leary in explorations of the remote frontiers of the mind and unmapped areas of human consciousness. In doors of perception, Huxley studied the profound effects of mind-expanding drugs. In the book “Island” he described an ideal society that flourished on a remote South Sea island. An outsider is shipwrecked on the island and is shown the values of this ideal society, and learns about hope.


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  • Lloyd Sevigny

    As always, these podcasts are so enlightening…I have a great love for all sentient beings! Namo Amitabha Buddha!

  • http://crvdmedia.com Noah

    Love Aldous.

  • Olivia de Haulleville

    I was disappointed not to hear Aldous’ OWN voice here…

  • Peter Irvine

    Wonderful to hear this podcast with Ram Dass in fine form. Aldous Huxleys legacy, and that of Laura as well are beacons in the darkness of the rubbish we are drip fed daily. We were not meant to go blind through this paradise, or does one have to become an old soul to even start on the spiritual or seekers path? For that one instant of blinding insight, where wonder and awe, and I mean awe in it’s raw term, not that which is bandied about by people who prefer to look at their smartphones than take in the ever present breathtaking view, leave you with the ultimate paradox to play around with, that one moment is worth everything. Why is this the domain of the fringe? it should be the goal of the majority, wouldn’t things change in this world, in this life…..sorry, positivism rears it’s head again ! Love, peace, Tibetan Bells and try not to slip on that old cosmic banana peel!

  • joriverdog

    Aldous was unique and a FREE HUMN BE-ING! The only one in America at that time in the late 1950′s

  • Bix

    Aldous has always been an inspiration for me…as in I have been inspired to aspire to the noble way he chose to live his life, and the beautiful way in which he was allowed to choose his departure from his earthbound existence. Facing my inevitable demise, which is being hurried along by an unfortunate bone disease, I would be overjoyed if I were allowed to follow that example. I’m not speaking of merely the obvious, but of the beauty of the overall experience…the nearness of loved ones in a peaceful, harmonious setting, and the final dignified perfection that his graceful and awesome departure must surely have been. Such beauty.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=602743 Nancy

    Some of us are stuck in the mental health system due to this assemblyine psychiatry and medication withdrawal syndromes that cause extreme states of consciousness…he really did see ahead, in Brave New World as the powers that be decide that a large portion of society is not viewing reality properly. It has become absurd. Meanwhile the medications are reducing lifespans and the mental hospitals are rife with human rights abuses which are causing more complex cases of PTSD. One can find ways in spirit to still transcend such oppression. Anyways, I appreciate this talk, really insightful. In Mad Love, Nancy