20 Nov 2013
November 20, 2013

Attachment & Addiction


Ram Dass answers questions about attachment, addiction and relationships. The root of suffering is the clinging of the mind to the things which separate one from all of it. When that separation happens, there is incredible pain and in some profound way all of our actions henceforth are an attempt to return back into the One…


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  • Jane Jones

    excellent audio..
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    Ja-Len Jones God Guru and Self
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    Ja-Len Jones no psycho-dynamic nature with God…go to nature and just be
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  • Jeffrey Whittaker

    It is impossible to separate from infinity unless you are overpowered by something twice your size (your parents)! Its our parental rejection that pushes us down the path of unhappiness! The wrongs of our father hurt because we are affected by him more than any other individual until we grow strong enough to separate ourselves from the suffering he caused us! Then we realize that we cannot separate ourselves from reality! The truth is true! We are suffering! And the cause of our suffering is parental rejection! Parental rejection truly occurred and it will always be true! But seeing the reason our parents rejected us, knowing their suffering and its causes gives us a view of the bigger picture, gives us control and definition of reality! Knowledge resolves the anxiety and satisfies the hunger!

  • Mark Morris

    I would love to hear the finish of the piece he was answering about what to do with the energy we all hold in our need to merge, in our sexual desires, when we are not with a beloved. So where do we find the end of this talk?

    • Shannon

      Yes, I was fascinated by that question because as he said the asker is not alone, many of us can relate. It would be very helpful to learn what to do with the energy. Please direct us to where we can listen to the full answer.