28 Jan 2013
January 28, 2013

Episode 32 – Battle Between Mind & Heart


There’s another way of being in the universe. The Chinese call it “the heart mind” or as we may call it “the intuitive mind.” Rather than knowing through dualistic means or thinking about it, one subjectively merges with it, becomes one with it. It’s like the difference between wisdom and knowledge.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.marcus.1 Joe

    Beautiful and insightful as always! Is there any way of downloading these as mp3?

    • http://www.ramdass.org Editor

      Hi Joe,

      If you search for “Ram Dass Here & Now” on iTunes you can download all of the podcasts for free there, and there’s also a “download” button beside each episode on this site.



  • Rob

    I love the story at 23:40. Such a great story teller!

  • Eric Lang

    I really loved this episode… Thanks Mr. Marcus for your wonderful introduction. I used to work in a nursing home and in a mental hospital for years and years and got burned out… I can now look back and see the reasons I did, after listening to ram dass’s talk

  • Judith

    Such simple wisdom spoken in ways that we can all understand.

  • http://hermitphilosopher.wordpress.com/ Hermit Philosopher

    If you get a chance, I would love people’s take on the following explanation for the existence of evil and suffering:

    If every option which I am not determined to “choose” [i.e. every choice I do not make], is “chosen” by someone else who is, then macroscopically speaking, over time, all potentials -good and bad- will eventually actualize.

    I believe that all which can occur must at some point, somewhere, do so. Who is involved in what and where, seems to be a question of context and interactivity. Yet, if behind our individual physical selves, there is but one experiencing existence, we all -in very different ways, of course- carry the sufferings of the world together.



  • aDelphinium

    When are these podcasts from?

    • http://www.ramdass.org Editor

      These podcasts are taken from the 60′s – 90′s – a large time range :)