30 Nov 2012
November 30, 2012

Episode 28 – Human Heart


Media can destroy the message in the way it delivers it, similarly, as long as I have a price I am transmitting fear, because I have something to lose. The minute I have no price, I can transmit perfect joy of presence and freedom.

Cover artwork by Janet Carpenter 


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  • Heather

    Wow! Nothing much has really changed has it. I, as a professional counselor I have been walking the line between the required diagnoses and meeting souls who are seemingly stuck. I have learned that it is the quality of relationship and connection that empowers people, not necessarily any theory or technique. Thank you for this information. I don’t know anything about past lives but I think when we connect at a deep level all of who we are is affected whether we remember past lives or not.

  • Nellina

    Beautiful podcast! <3 Thank you!