01 Aug 2012
August 1, 2012

I Crochet


I think people awaken originally to a spiritual dimension in their life in an incredibly wide variety of ways. Some people seem to open up to it through traumatic experiences, when people describe a near death experience or at a moment when they touch something much deeper than the traditional way that they thought about things. Other people arrived at that awakening through meditation or through religious experiences. Others arrive at it through sex or through drugs. There is a wide variety of ways. I remember once lecturing in a hall back in the early 70′s. At that time most of my audiences were very young and they tended to wear white and they tended to smile a lot and wear flowers. At that time I wore beads and had a long beard. I recall that in the front row of my audience there was one woman who was about 70 and she had on a hat with little cherries and strawberries and things like that on it, false ones. And she was wearing black oxfords and a print dress and she had a black patent leather bag and I looked at her and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing in the audience cause she was so dissimilar from all the rest of the audience. Our audiences were like a gathering of explorers clubs where we would come together and we would just share our experiences. So I started to describe some of my experiences, some of which were pretty far out and I looked at her and she was nodding with understanding, and I couldn’t believe that she could understand what I was talking about. I was describing experiences that I had had after using psychedelic chemicals, experiences that were very precious and far out. So I would try a little further out experience. I’d look over at her and there she was nodding away. I began to think maybe she had a problem with her neck that lead her to nod and maybe it had nothing to do whatsoever with what I was saying. And I kept watching and getting more and more fascinated and getting more and more outrageous in what I was saying and she kept nodding and nodding. At the end of the lecture I couldn’t resist, I just kind of smiled to her so intensely that she just had to come up and speak to me. And she came up and she said “Thank you so much. That makes perfect sense. That’s just the way I understand the universe to be.” And I said, “How do you know? I mean, what have you done in your life that has brought you into those kinds of experiences?” She leaned forward very conspiratorially and she said, “I crochet”. And at that moment  I realized that the ways in which people arrive at spiritual understanding was certainly a much wider variety of paths than what I had anticipated. I had begun to think that my way was the only way, which seems to be a common illness of people who get into spiritual work. ~Ram Dass, “A Spiritual Journey”

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  • Jeanne

    Thank you. I crochet also.

  • TJigme

    Wonderful post. Much love to you, teacher! :)

  • http://www.etsy.com/people/Zumaoriginals Teresa Speakman

    I have to laugh as I sat nodding while I read your story.
    Love it (insert BIG smile). Some people get it driving, walking, sitting in meditation, or rocking their babes.
    Love you Ram Dass


  • http://Google-RamDas Betty Levine

    For some reason this story resonates with me. Life is such a beautiful tapestry.

  • qalbiya nur

    I always find it fascinating how people find their path and what led them up to it.

  • Jagabamba Dasi

    I do spiritual petit point murits.

  • http://www.whoyouwishtobe.blogspot.com Ajit Dass

    Beautiful! Each of us is a weave in the Grandest Crochet Piece called God!!!

  • Krishna

    I remember hearing our dear Ram Dass saying once that even “pizza and beer” may get you there. Whatever it takes, just be open to it!

    • tom carter

      Mmmmm, pizza with pepperoni and anchovies and maybe a cold coney island lager…yes, I can see that!

  • Merry

    OH MY……this opens my heart right up.

  • Aixa Lau

    My heart broke and inside was my strength, released at last. Mahalo nui.

  • http://www.members.shaw.ca/theyogastudio/ Jeannie Stevens

    Yes I first heard this story in my twenties (I’m now 64) and it’s Truth has stayed relevant my whole adult life. My gratitude for you Ram Das, for your relevance, for your Truth and just plain for always being who you are. My love for you always, Jeannie

  • http://www.alwayswellwithin.com Sandra / Always Well Within

    I loved this! It breaks all our concepts about other people apart and makes you smile too. Would love to get the RSS feed for this blog. Can you make it available?

  • http://www.imagekind.com/GalleryProfile.aspx?gid=79757094. Allyana

    I think my moment of “enlightment” (if one has to name it) came when I realized every living thing is a thread in the tapestry of the Universe.; some cotton, some gold, some linen, some worn, some strong, some frayed, some sharp and cutting man-made fibers. But I am struck at your forming an “assumption” of this woman that she would not understand your concepts. Hm………

  • http://eabaldwin.byregion.net Anna Baldwin

    I crochet too – a deeply spiritual, entheogenic practice.
    Thank you, Ram Dass, for all you’ve done – from those first days at Naropa until now.
    *bowing Respect and Appreciation*
    ~ anna

  • Roy

    Each twist and turn of the crochet needle is a mantra — any repetitive activity which requires no “thinking” (planning, decision making, etc) can be a path to liberation for the mind.

    • http://eabaldwin.byregion.net Anna Baldwin

      Yes!!! *grin*

      Doing without ‘doingness’ – only ‘beingness’, no thought
      as we allow Grandmother Spider to weave a New World
      from our heart, through our fingers…

  • annehedonia

    Yup! I weave. I wrote my dissertation on this subject 35 years ago. True.

  • Ralph Hintzen

    An American Quilt – forgot the name of the book – i gave it to my mother – gemini – thanks god for crochet, and all – what a blessing – for her – for me – and the people being “crochet” – very nice, the text, the silence – the being – may all be well – crochet,crochet

  • Synthia Jones

    I have found crocheting to be a profound spiritual exercise. Have made blankets and canopies, but circles are the most fun. Constructing mandalas.

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