15 Aug 2012
August 15, 2012

Episode 16 – Little Shmoos


Raghu tells a story about his father visiting he and his brother in India and Maharaji telling him to take LSD, which miraculously changed his life. As Ram Dass says, “I wasn’t true to my deepest self until my first experience with psychadelics.” Ram Dass talks about his neuroses in a lecture he gave in 1987, after he returned from India the first time. He remarks about how they didn’t dissappear, but became less prominent in his day-to-day life. He refers to them as “little shmoos” rather than big time issues.


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  • http://Willow'sOracle@FB Willow Arthur

    Please ask Raghu if he has forwarded my letter to Ram Dass yet, about my memories of R.D. at the Hanuman temple where I lived for ten years. I sent it to Raghu (again) about a month ago, but did not hear back (again). Thanks & Namaste Willow

    • http://www.ramdass.org Editor

      Hi Willow,

      Yes, your email has been forwarded to Ram Dass.

      Thank you,


  • Herb Hanuman Tirtha

    Sombodyness GREAT GREAT , Dropping those sombodinesses gives access to the True self!!
    My Love to Ram Das, and You too Raghu!

  • Sujata

    This answers so many of my questions about why people take psychodelics. It is not really a new thing as many ‘sadhus’ and in India do take them for enhanced spiritual experiences but the way Raghu and Ramdass explain their use and their effect is so completely without any taboos we are taught to associate with these substances. This is what I love about the Western culture, the spirit of exploration and the ability to drop the inhibitions so they can experiences things with open mind. For people brought up in traditional cultures in the East the fear of upsetting the family and community is so great that people just walk the straight and narrow. That probably means we believe what we are told ( in this case about psychodelics) and miss out on experiences that could broaden our horizons. But of course it come with the risks. I wish it was less politicised and more un biased factual information was available about the psychodelics.

    Really loved listening to this discourse. Thank you!

  • eric

    This week, like a few others spend too much time on the intro. I’d like to hear more Ram Dass. I felt this one cut off way to soon just when Ram Dass was getting to the good stuff.

    Just some feedback for the production team.

  • Jason


  • geeta

    need to mediate and concentrate

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