14 Feb 2013
February 14, 2013

Episode 33 – Love Beyond Time


Being in the presence of dying people keeps me close to the edge of my own awakening. Love touches time and turns it to dust. Love is beyond the reach of time.

-Ram Dass


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  • nancy nielsen

    Fierce Grace. I will never forget one scene in the beginning, of the couple reading the letter you wrote to them about their daughter. A tear stained note, you could tell they had read it over and over again. xo

  • JoLynne Anderson

    It is so sad, to me, to hear of you taking mood altering drugs, such as “acid.”, as a part of your Spiritual enlightenment process. I have seen so much of the devastating side of substance abuse and do not believe that this is a healthy way of life and so dangerous for many. Living on the edge is so dangerous, again, for the masses. Many are, already, walking a fine line between sanity and insanity and should not use artificial chemicals to achieve Enlightenment.

  • http://www.thethirdtesticle.com Keith Barry

    I was wondering if it might be helpful to say exactly how much it costs to produce a ‘Podcast’?



  • http://[email protected] barbara mcivor

    Dearest Ram Dass. You exist as love as you always have been. Hare Aum. Sail on dear One.

  • http://www.ccals.org Ron Hoffman

    A sacred moment in time. Beautiful…….No more need be said.

  • http://zenliquidflying.com ashi

    I enjoyed this podcast as i so related to your experiences. Blessings for your experience of the passing of your father.

    I am dedicating my book: “Zen Liquid Flying – Meditations in Water” (and its companion DVD) to my spiritual mentors who inspired this book of 30 original meditations in water: Ram Dass, Osho, Stephen Levine, Thich Knat Hahn, and Jack Kornfield. Blessings and thanks to them all, both here and beyond, always guiding me home to where Spirit keeps me well.
    Namaste, Ashi

  • http://lovebeyondtime'sreach laura pravitz

    Today is the one year anniversary of my father’s passing. I was with m father when he died. Along with my sister, we helped to midwife his transition. I came across this while perusing my facebook notifications this morning. I so appreciate hearing Ram Dass’s telling of this story. It is an auspicious start to this day of honoring my Dad and love that is eternal. Thank you very much.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Cosmicjokester1 Eric Lang

    Ram Ram, I never met your dad in person, but the way you tell stories about him, I feel I know him… I also tripped with my dad before, and it was an incredible experience you share with my father. He also has a guru Prem Rawat but respects my devotion to Neem Karoli Baba and Amma, and we share a love of ram dass’s book Remember Be Here Now… I work for him and at times, in the middle of the work, something he’ll say will bring me right back to the HERE NOW, out of the role into the soul. I can relate… and I am sure when he is near dying, I will think back to your words Raghu… I honor your father… I lost a friend from suicide recently, and have been able to contact his consciousness which incarnated in astral planes… Have you tried to contact your father recently?

  • Erin

    I was incredibly moved by your words today, Raghu, and the story of your father. I also loved the lecture choice and Ram Dass’ reading from the Ramayana. Many years ago when I first discovered Ram Dass and Maharaji I wrote down something he said that I have carried with me…I was reminded of it today when listening…”Anyone you have ever touched in true love–that love is still present, where could it go?”

    Thank you. Peace be with you. Namaste.

  • Michael Chakraborty

    Dear Raghu,
    Thanks for sharing this long awaited picture. I heard the podcast that talks about your fathers trip to Varanasi & I desired to see his picture. I could taste the moments described so well in the podcast as I was born and raised in Varanasi and used to hang around Sonarpura next to manikarnika(Burning ghat). I used to go to Maa’s ( Ma Amandomoi ) ashram with my mom and dad . Maa is my parents guru and my father’s relative. I said Ma is because she always is . I never paid much attention when she visited my parents. And here I am hearing our beloved Ram Das talking about Amandomoi ma’s picture on his puja table. My dad had mentioned many years ago Neem Karoli Baba visiting Ma Amandomoi. Thanks for all that you are doing .

  • http://www.healingmassage.ca Pranic Roger

    I had the blessing of being present near the passing of a client who received some healing massage near the time of his passing. I really felt so much gratitude for being asked to be present to assist him during his last moments, facilitating the reduction of some pain which he was enduring. Thank you Ram Dass for your continued presence and healing love.

  • Marjolein

    very very lovely my love

  • Julie

    There is a mysterious feeling when you are in the presence of death. Always thought it would feel scary but you feel comfortably silent.

  • Vee

    Being in the presence of death reminds me that I too need to prepare myself for that next journey. It reminds me that in the end, there is only love.

  • Naren

    Thanks… such gratitude for this beautiful collection. Peace and love